Being truly authentic

Happy Thursday all!

If it’s one thing in life I have learned so far. It’s just being truly authentic to yourself is what is going to make you happy and satisfied with you career. That’s why I don’t necessary believe in fake it to you make it. I truly think that once you figure out your strengths you should focus on sharing it and giving that to the world.

We live in an age of abundance and you can leverage other resources to compliment your weaknesses.

What is one thing you are truly grateful for this morning?

If I were to pick one today I would say living in NYC and being exposed to so many opportunities and the diversity of so many different opinions and backgrounds. It is a humbling learning experience that you get out there and the more different types of people you meet, the more your worldview will change.


I think that in the world of social media today being able to show vulnerabilities is important because we all hide behind our seemingly perfect worlds on social media. Everyone is posting our their wonderful vacations and very few are showcasing their vulnerabilities.

I think being able to show that you are human gives others a way to truly connect with you.

I think that finding your tribe is important, we as humans are all seeking connection and trying to find our place in the world where we are loved and appreciated.

I have recently been acknowledging people in the past that have helped me succeed and believed in me, whether it is my old teachers from middle school, high school, or at any point in my life. Such an old coach or manager. It is so amazing the grateful responses I receive.

Take a moment out of your busy days to appreciate your team and to give thanks to everyone that has helped pave a path for you. Even others that you normally would not talk to. It might make a difference in their lives. I started acknowledging everyone from the office cleaning lady to the person cleaning our bathrooms in our building, the doorman, I mean basically everyone and the smiling is contagious. Once you give thanks to people you can see the small little changes in yourself and the world of abundance grants you the ability to achieve more because then it is not just about you. We are all in the world together and the positive energy spreads like wildfire.

The community we live in is something we should be proud of. I am so grateful to be living in the NYC where it seems like ambition is unlimited but sometimes we need to take a step back and really evaluate your purpose and if you are really in it for the right reason?

I meet amazing people that start social charities and people that are always giving back. I meet with people that are unstoppable in every aspect of their lives. The one common thing I see is that the more you give, the happier you will be.

If you just take one thing from reading this, I would say to be grateful for everything. The shoes on your feet, the necklace that makes you smile, the diamond ring that your husband worked so hard to give you, the ability to walk, the ability to run, the ability to think properly and honestly the ability to be able to breathe. We can’t take life for granted because you just never know.

Happy Thursday all! I challenge you to be more grateful than you already are. =)

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Davidson Hang is currently in Sales at Cheetah Digital which is a Marketing technology company located in NYC.

Davidson is an avid networker, personal growth- life and business coach.

He loves spreading the love and regularly helps people create and design the life they want for themselves.

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