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Laura Westman -My Executive Coach

Laura was my coach for all 2019. She helped me create breakthroughs around relationships, seeing my own greatness, tapping into my creative energy, and so many other nuggets that we’ve discussed in this conversation. We discuss so many interesting topics about COVID-19 and our being coming back to survival mode, self-development, and we even had…

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Marina Kirik- Holistic Wellness Coach

  Hi everyone! I am happy to share with everyone, my good friend and fellow coach – Marina Kirik’s vision for a healthier more compassionate professional. She discusses her 12 weeks program encompassing, breathwork, what she learned from meditation and all of her amazing self-development journey. We have so much in common and we talk…

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Being truly authentic

Happy Thursday all! If it’s one thing in life I have learned so far. It’s just being truly authentic to yourself is what is going to make you happy and satisfied with you career. That’s why I don’t necessary believe in fake it to you make it. I truly think that once you figure out…

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