The importance of routines

Ed Coan is widely regarded as the greatest powerlifter of all time.

“I love my routine and when nothing upsets my routine. My dad used to tell me, I know never to die and have my wake or funeral on a lifting day, because I know you won’t be there.”

Gotta love the consistency and dedication! Habits and routine are the most common practices I see amongst the worlds fittest in any sport or even in business.

His story is similar what I see in a lot of people. Because of something that happened during his younger years in his case he was 4, 11 and 98 lbs freshmen year of high school. He discovered weight lifting and fell in love with it.

Similiar to Ed’s story, I was told that I should leave sales and do something else. I pushed myself to become a better sales professional every day.  I was also voted most reserved in the yearbook once so I made it a challenge so that’s why now I have over 10,000+ Linkedin connections and put myself out there as much as humanly possible.

(P.314) “I’m going to get better, and this is what I have to do to get better.These are my weaknesses; let me correct my weaknesses.”

There is magic in documenting your journey to see the progress throughout time.

He discusses the big picture. A lot of people still cannot see the big picture. If there is no end vision. You run the risk of waking up one day and having a midlife crisis.

“I see this a lot with powerlifters Mark and Stan Efferding. They don’t let anybody or anything get to them. It’s like water off a duck’s back.”

He was talking about disrupting your normal cycle. Treat people nicely because it’s easier to blame everyone else but maybe it’s your own attitude that needs to change not other people.

He talks about breaking down longer-term goals to smaller more doable and easy to obtain goals. That way you don’t fear it is much when its something that can be broken down into small daily tasks.

“I can look at it and realize that’s it’s not so scary.”

“I’ve never heard my mom and dad badmouth anybody. The picture makes me think about how I should treat everyone I love.” (p.319) “They love life, they love their kids and grandkids, and it keeps them going.”






Fittest people in the world

p.304 in Tribe of Mentors “It is essential to identify the root cause of that lost focus- am I just having a bad day, or is the task itself something I simply hate doing? If it’s clearly the former, and time pressures allow, I’m a big fan of just packing it in and doing something more fun until my focus comes back, even if it’s not until the next day.

If it’s the latter, it’s probably relevant to investigate why I’m feeling so unmotivated. Given that I know the upsides of getting it done, feeling so icky about it might mean there’s more going on than I’d fully considered. It then helps to list those reasons to see if I can find a new way of getting the task done, avoiding the crappy parts entirely. If that’s not possible, I can see now at least do a more effective cost-benefit analysis and decide whether to continue at all. If I decide the payoff is still worth it, then motivation will be more likely to come back by itself.” – Liv Boeree (top-ranked WSOP player)

P. 307 with Annie Mist Porisdottier (fittest woman alive title) “I’ve tried to stop worrying too much about the future. I focus on making the most out of every single day with the belief that it will bring me to where I want to be.”

“Anger is often what pain looks like when it shows itself in public.” -Krista Tippett

Mark Bell on page310 in Tribe of Mentor says “Either you’re in, or you’re in the way. Often, we chase after people who aren’t in who, for whatever reason, don’t fit into our lives or our business. We waste time with these people when our focus should be on the people are in.

Part of knowing who you are is knowing who you’re not.”

This resonated with me really heavily. I have spent close to 30 years trying to figure who I am and my strengths and weaknesses. Decisions are much easier when you know who you are and you are not.

I write down my goals on the bathroom mirror. I’ve done it with my target body weight, to how much I want to bench, etc. By writing it down every single day, it turns those dreams into obtainable goals.”

“Things to ignore, what other people or businesses are doing. When you’re not looking at what’s in front of you, you could have a very tragic misstep. That’s why racehorses have blinders on. If they look to the left or right, not only will they end up hurt, but everyone else will, too.”

You should always focus on yourself first. That is the only thing you can control. There is so much wasted energy worrying about what everyone else is doing. Who cares? Just focus on yourself and be laser focus and you will be able to accomplish your goals much more quickly.




Interesting Tony Hawk quotes

P.299 in Tribe of mentors. “To not to keep myself so busy that I miss out on the small, yet hugely important, moments with my family. To stay present and make myself available to my loved ones instead of chasing every business opportunity and keeping myself constantly distracted with work, skating, or travel. Having true intimacy with my wife and kids is a relatively new concept for me, but it has provided a more meaningful life than ever before.”

“Success should not be measured by financial gain; true success is doing something for love for a living. Learn every aspect of your chosen field or craft, as it will give you an advantage over any competitors, and set you up for more- often better job opportunities.”


Some more amazing Tim Ferriss Life lesson quotes from his guests (Tribe of Mentors)

p.175 “Every smart person and stable person I know both walks and meditates. The app Headspace is a fun way to start. Try and do it every day. But I suggest not doing it while you are walking… for now.” – Jimmy Fallon

Life is but a delicate balance. It’s all about being able to move because your body needs it but also the peace that comes with self-discovery and self-actualization.

This simple quote from Jimmy explains the last 6 months for me. I started using Headspace a little bit over a year ago and there has been so much that has changed. I started trusting myself more and learning more about my greatness.

The journey has been a rocky one but giving my mind a break from the billions of books and podcasts has actually given me a lot of reflection space to think about everything I have created for myself this year.

He interviewed Annie Duke who is one of top poker players in the world.

“Challenge yourself to truly listen to people who have differing ideas and opinions than you do.”

“Poker has taught me to disconnect failure from outcomes. Just because I lose doesn’t mean I failed, and just because I won doesn’t mean I succeeded-not when you define success and failure around making good decisions that will win in the long run.What matters is the decisions I made along the way, and every decision failure is an opportunity to learn and adjust my strategy going forward. By doing this, losing becomes a less emotional experience and more an opportunity to explore and learn.” (p.174)

This is so true, its okay to make mistakes as long as you learn from them. Doing the right thing is always the best way to go because things eventually normalize. People can get lucky once or twice but typically things usually end up resorting to the mean.

What I have learned from picking the brains of the leadership team at Cheetah Digital

I started this interesting project and learned so much from just asking a simple question, If you can boil down what has made you successful in 5 simple concepts what is it?

I have noticed that people often were just being authentic and trying to find themselves. After you realize your strengths really capitalizing on that to grab opportunities.

Not in any particular order, these were some of the answers I have received.

  • Tenacity/work ethic
  • Lack of ego
  • True partnership
  • Empathy
  • Finding the balance between holding your own but still knowing when to compromise
  • Active listening and implementing feedback
  • Preparation/having a plan
  • Having fun in the process
  • Accountability
  • Purpose
  • Likeability
  • Mission focused
  • Getting shit done!
  • Earning trust
  • Big on self-improvement


These are some of the common answers from the top Enterprise sales reps in our Org.

  • Asking well-researched questions
  • Be passionate and excited about our mission
  • Be a team player
  • Going above and beyond what is asked of you
  • Building relationships and then maintaining them
  • Be inquisitive
  • Self actualization
  • Seek mentorship and learn from them
  • Have extremely high hiring standards
  • Just enjoy the little moments in life

I hope you guys got something from this. I know I did. Thank you to everyone who participated. I really got that there is not just one path to success. The quicker you reach self-actualization, the more seamless things will be for you.

Success takes patience, work at times and the ability to implement feedback from leadership but still have your own flair to things.

Thanks for listening. I hope everyone has a happy Holiday season!

What I have learned from doing 10 Sales/business development podcast episodes…

I have interviewed top sales people from various industries. Even though there are some differences, the core of what makes a business consultant valuable is essentially the same everywhere.

I can boil it down to 10 simple concepts.

  1. Being curious, always asking more than you are speaking. Really being able to conduct powerful discovery sessions to uncover pain points and business objectives. It’s usually not the first thing they say, or even the second thing but tertiary statements after digging through the first couple of surface level conversations.
  2. Being Resourceful internally and externally. Being able to know how to partner and work well with everyone and anyone whether it is an engineering resource, legal, other internal departments, finance, or working very closely with management. It takes a high degree of consistent communication and transparency that will help you throughout the process.
  3. Growth/student mentality- I have noticed a common theme of top performers that they all have the always learning as much as possible whenever and wherever. Sometimes it is through online forums/reading a lot of different type of books/and/or reaching out to mentors for advice.
  4. A huge focus on a life outside of sales- They have other passions too, whether its family/Crossfit/the gym or any other hobby. They do not let sales define their whole lives. It is important to have a well-balanced lifestyle so that your career overwhelm you.
  5. Genuine and a positive attitude- It is not a surprise that people that find their voice and are genuinely optimistic about the industry or just their overall take on life and sales, in general, is important because you really have to find the value in what you do for a living or else you will not be happy.
  6. The ability to communicate verbally and through emails equally as well. Being able to be concise and articulate your messaging across all mediums is important in today’s age with technology being a gatekeeper at times.
  7. Listen, listen, listen.
  8. Just always having a good time. Everything is always an adventure or an opportunity. There is no such thing as problems, just opportunities for a resolution.
  9. Having a strong network or support system. Building your ecosystem and brand takes time. Having a large referral network certainly takes patience. Something that I know I can work on and is common amongst top performers.
  10. Being able to see the big picture. Often we get bogged down in the details but all that matters is how is this going to affect your company’s larger objectives mentioned in your annual report.

Bonus: Prioritization/time management/ Clear vision with measurable steps. Executive presence. Likeability. Adaptability.

Reddit Sales/Business Development and Career Progressions Podcast- Episode 10 with Chris Stocker

This a different one than most of the others. I have with me Chris Stocker from Edgen Murray who does Business Development in the East territory in Industrial sales(Natural gas and power).

I have learned so many things from interviewing him. We discussed how to be a true partner, how to build rapport, and how to provide value in every interaction across the board. The importance of Sandler training and how an MBA in data analytics can be applied in business development.

I had a lot of fun. I hope you guys enjoy it as well. Let me know what your thoughts and which type of sales you guys want next on the podcast.

If you guys want to follow him, check out his Linkedin below.

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If you all want to see all of the other podcast episodes.