10 Things I learned from Landmark’s Transformational -Curriculum for Living.

I am in a personal transformation program called Landmark’s Introduction’s Leaders Program. One of my biggest goals is dealing with my blindspots and what’s going on inside my head. We complete this by tackling what we call rackets which are things that keep coming up that prevent us from reaching our goals. We also get the exciting opportunity to invite our communities into this beautiful work.

I will share with my ten things I learned about myself from doing this program.

  1. Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and Jeff Bezos all have the same amount of time I do in a day. 24 hours. I pride myself in being able to balance being involved at Linkedin, volunteering with Streetwise Partners (16-week mentorship program where we mentor and coach young professionals into getting their dream jobs), Orphan’s Future Alliance(A program to mentor and coach Southeast Asian Orphans to have a better life for themselves), IMentor(4 year commitment mentoring a high school student to excel in College), and Landmark(8 months transformation program). I also enjoy creating content with my blog, podcast, Youtube, and the articles that I write.

I regularly challenge myself by going outside my comfort zone and pushing my boundaries. Not every day is easy, some days I come in the office extremely early at 6 am or 7am to get work done because I want to participate in Linkedin’s InDay or when I know that there are events I want to get involved with such as the ones the Employee Resource Groups here at Linkedin host. The point is by pushing myself and being able to juggle essential things in my life. I get to grow as a professional and become a leader. Every time I go outside what I am used to, I am able to learn more about myself and what is truly possible.

2. You can have it all!

I used to think it was impossible to be well rounded in family, hobbies, business, giving, fitness, etc. I do believe that the people I am meeting at all of these amazing conferences can be present with their families and also have a successful career. I noticed the self-talk that prevents me from succeeding even further. I remember telling myself, “I am not flexible” when I was doing yoga, or “I am not assertive enough” to ask for what I want. All of these are not true, and it implies a fixed mindset. 

The more I try things I haven’t experience; meditation, or practicing writing on my blog, making Youtube videos, the more I find myself satisfied in seeing incremental progress with every action I take. The process is fulling because the practice of doing something scary helps me be able to go for what I want despite what people typically do.

3. The power of Relationships

I have invested a large portion of my time connecting people and supporting people by helping students with their resume, to creating a monthly Happy Hour experience where my different communities can integrate and meet similar minded people or helping people learn something brand new. 

Hosting over 15 of these events helped me be able to see the power of relationships and how people still keep in contact. I enjoy collaborating and being a creator, it’s fulfilling knowing that Landmark’s Self Expression Leadership has helped me realize what my biggest strengths are by asking people I come in contact: “What are my strengths and what do you see is an area I can improve on?”

4. The power of consistency

We meet at least twice a week for 4 hours, and many of the assignments in between the seminars take up a significant amount of time in our lives. The accountability of having 100+ coaches to support me in what I say I am going to create is powerful. By leveraging other people and declaring what I am going to create for myself. I speak into existence in my future. 

For instance, if my goal is to travel the world and increase my income by $50k by October 18, 2020. I will have a community of 100+ people who know about my intentions, and I can reach out to them at any time to receive support.

Being able to ask and receive support is valuable. I used to think that it was weird to ask strangers for support, but people genuinely feel connected and invested if they help you. 

5. The power of having a coach to support you at least once a week

Trevel is my coach at Landmark, and he does not let me off the hook for anything. Even if I am 8 seconds late, he calls me out on my word. If I tell him I am going to call him at 8 pm. I better be prepared and in a mental state where I am ready to make a difference.

This level of accountability on my word has dramatic helped me take a look at all areas of my life. Is my desk at work is clean? How about my closet, my kitchen cabinet, and the household? Taking a look at areas of my life I am barely putting attention to has helped me be able to look at my book of business in a different way. All of these skills are useful in all areas of my life. Granted, I am not perfect. It’s a shock when I start to change my life and all of the areas I am not focusing on.

6. Not making anything right or wrong. 

Humans are interesting creatures. We have opinions about everything. Our past and experiences shape us, whether its parents, coworkers, the media, we all have unconscious bias. I used to think that being extremely fit was the way to go, or that meditation looks like a certain way, the more I experience life through travel or reading billionaire biographies, I realize that everyone has their own path and journey. Mine might look a little rocky because I was so righteous about everything. For example, only people who are into self-development are going to be people who I associate myself with. How disempowering is this context? It’s quite the opposite of what self-development is all about. The goal is to inspire others to do the same in a way that motivates and causes action.

7. The power of One

The more I live, the more I realize that whatever I speak about something; whether its wow, you are simply brilliant at what you do whether its being an artist, painter, Customer Success Manager, I get so much joy in seeing that passion in myself. Whenever i judge people like oh man, that person should probably lay off the BBQ, I often question myself where is that coming from? I then reflect, wow, its because one of my worst fears is to gain weight and I will lose confidence in myself. Having this awareness is crucial in my growth and is why I became a community Nutrition major because I wanted to help the world be healthy. If my intention to help the community be healthy, judging people is never the way to solve this problem. 

8. Love

Love is within all of us. Love is what it always comes down to. What we all seek is love. People come to the realization that they are seeking love. What I realized from my journey so far is that I have to love myself first before anyone else can. My neverending journey of finding love in communities such as the Sales Success Summit, the Summit of Greatness, Landmark Worldwide, Accomplishment Coaching, has helped me find that I get to create that love everywhere I go. 

That’s the beauty of living in our world; Love is everywhere if you choose to see it. Every piece of criticism I get about my podcast, Youtube Channel, blog post is an expression because people want to help me. A grammatical error or a simple stutter can reduce my credibility and professionalism. I don’t take it as he or she doesn’t like me. It’s more of “Oh, this person took the time to read my content in this busy world out of all of the billions of content providers out there and actually reached out to provide me with something that I can help me become better at what I am passionate about.”

How much more love is that compared to what I initially used to tell myself.

9. Consistent community

We have a group chat set up, and the community helps me set intentions for the day. Every morning I have a practice of sharing what I look to create for the day. An example looks like, “Good morning, my beautiful Landmark community! Today I am the possibility of courage, coach, grit, and reflection.” When I speak about what I intend to create for the day. I am more likely to keep it top of it, something beautiful happens when you share with the world what you are looking to fulfill. I wholeheartedly believe in the Law of Attraction. Thank you, Julie, for being a light in this world. Lately, whenever I have set positive intentions, I receive back positive results. It’s hard to describe, but the way I will try to describe it, you will often look for evidence of what you put out in the world. 

I receive feedback from my manager and I have the choice to not listen and make her wrong or trust that she has experience and is looking to help me became a more well rounded professional. The choice is mine, it’s not always easy, but it can be easy if I trust the process and have faith.

10. Gratitude

I have two options, look at this intense eight months program where we meet every Friday night from 6:45 pm to 11 pm as a burden OR I can look at it an amazing opportunity to not waste money on alcoholic beverages that is causing me to gain weight. Having profound conversations, help me get connected to my purpose and passion. The ball is in my court.

Landmark has given me gratitude in ways I did not believe would happen in such a relatively short amount of my time. We haven’t even approached a significant percentage of completion of the curriculum, but I have seen myself make smarter food choices this week. I notice that I take action, such as writing in my blog more often instead of blame how busy I am and what other things I have in my life. It feels great to be fully self-expressed and care just a little bit less about “the bad things” people might think of me. 

I hope this piqued your curiosity. Curiosity is a beautiful thing. 

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