Words of wisdom from one of the world’s fittest women- Amelia Boone

“When I feel stuck, sometimes accomplishing a task, however mundane, gives me the Momentum I need to refocus. Either that, or I’ll work up a sweat, preferably in the form of a trail run. Nature and endorphins are always the answer.” (p.130) Tribe of Mentors

“If you are struggling to figure out where you are headed in life or what you are passionate about, pay attention to activities, ideas, and areas where you love the process, not just the results or the outcome. We are drawn to tasks where we can receive validation through results, but I’ve learned that true fulfillment comes from love of the process. Look for something where you love the process, and the results will follow.”

“I’m risk- averse by nature, and in the last five years, I’ve learned how to run toward fear, instead of running away from it. My nature has always been to take the straight and narrow path, to take the path with fewer unknowns. But by forcing myself to face the unknown and embrace the uncomfortable, I’ve found that I actually thrive in it. So I know take fear and discomfort as a sign that I should be doing something. That’s where magic happens.”

This really resonates with me. She is literally one of the fittest people in the world competing in ultra marathons and just being someone who is truly inspirational.

I can relate when I wash the dishes or make the bed just simple things. I feel product which keeps my flow state going when I accomplishing task after task.

Nature grounds me and keeps me in my happy place. I definitely think there is something about nature that we humans gravitate towards. That’s why masterpieces like lakes, mountains, volcanos, and the grand canyon are examples where people feel a sense of being one with nature.

Embracing discomfort and pain is a skill that is extremely useful. In life, there is only one constant and that is change. If you adapt and are able to change by rolling with the punches. That is something will help you succeed because so many aspects of life are unpredictable. Just ask anyone that tries to time the market.


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