What I have learned from Aly Raisman’s keynote speech at our client summit in Vegas

For those of you who do not know who she is. 
Aly is the capital of both the 2012 and 2016 US Women’s Olympic gymnastics team. She was interviewed in front of a crowd of 1000+ people at our event last week. 
  • Lesson 1 Everyone has insecurities no matter how successful you are. She is one of the most decorated gymnasts in the world and certainly in the US. 
She was picked on by men because she was stronger than everyone else. She was self-conscious of her body image being very muscular and obviously fit her whole life. 
It is okay to be insecure but be careful about making fun of others. We live in an age where people can hide behind a computer screen and the words you are saying can be very powerful effects on others. Learning how to be able to not take what people say about you so seriously is a skill that can be worked on.
  • Lesson 2 Using her fame to spread a positive message. She constantly stated that she goes to school to school to talk about bullying and really to be able to accept your body no matter what. 
We live in a world of social media and perfection.Everyone posts about all of their vacations and perfect moments but not many take a step back to really enjoy the journey. I have noticed that people that work extremely hard appreciate and enjoy the journey which makes the training not so tedious. It is really just a matter of changing your mindset. 
  • Lesson 3Just have fun with life. She is extremely genuine and really knows herself well while being on stage. You can tell she is speaking from her heart and everything she does is purposeful. It is really inspiring to see her lift both men and women to come together to have millions of people watch her after years and years of training. She did not have a social life and really the dedication is such an inspiration on its own. 
  • Lesson 4 It is okay to take rest. She talks about taking a rest for 6 months after training for 3 and a half years straight after the games. Listen to your body. People kept asking her when she is going to start up her workout routines again but she respects her body and truly gives it the rest it needs after the thousands of hours of continuous practice. 
I can certainly relate to this because I tend to get burnt out after working out at Crossfit 5 days a week my body just needs a rest and I sometimes do not listen to it so the recovery process is much slower.  
  • Lesson 5 Trust the process. Yes, it is important to look at the big picture but like with anything else in life. It takes time, energy, and consistent effort to be able to become great at anything in life. She was always the hardest working person in the room even at a young age she says.
I hope you enjoyed my little lessons for the day. 
Be grateful, spread the love and really find out why you are doing the things you are doing. It helps you be more intentional about your life. 

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