William Lee Interview on mindset, growth mentality, and COVID-19

30 Takeaways from my interview with William Lee who is one of my favorite mentors

1. What’s your Why?

2. Passion and family

3. Ying/Yang of Life

4. Read a lot of books

5. Pivotal points in one’s life/ mindset

6. Success leaves clues

7. Being genuine/Finding your authenticity

8. Being open-minded/ building good habits

9. Do the right thing

10. Get outside your comfort zone

11. Learn P&L

12. Invest money

13. Wealth and freedom

14. Reinvent yourself

15. Change with the times

16. Leverage internet and social media/ data to pivot and make course corrections

17. Have others help you, don’t do everything by yourself

18. Seek to change

19. Develop the skill of resourcefulness

20. Times of tragedy leads to meaningful change

21. Having faith and being a fighter

22. Hope/Optimism

23. Enjoy the ride

24. New Yorkers are tough

25. Have multiple income streams

26. Start your own business

27. Have a side hustle for corporate employees

28. Give more than you receive

29. Fail a lot- only one needs to be successful

30. Leverage

Reach out to him if you want to connect to discuss more about any of the following. https://www.linkedin.com/in/probooksny/

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Davidson is an avid networker, personal growth- life and business coach.

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