10 things I’ve Learned from the Summit of Greatness

The last three days was a magical experience. We got to get together roughly 2,000 people in Columbus, Ohio with Lewis Howes and his guests.

Most of the topics that the speakers were sharing and giving us insights about were around self-discovery, healing, fitness, mental and physical well being, and connecting the mind, body, and soul through pushing ourselves past old limitations. 

Lewis Howes and his team put a lot of thought and time into creating a world-class memorable experience. From day one, the arrival to check in to the workshops, every experience was exceptional to the last day where we were able to celebrate life and helping all of us more fully self-expressed. I noticed that I was less self-conscious when dancing at Express Live! One of my intentions for this weekend was to not care so much about what other people think of me. I can be paralyzed when thinking about how others will perceive me.

When trusting my intention, it never steers me wrong. All of my best decisions have come from trusting my intention.

I will share ten things I learned about myself and others from going through the Summit of Greatness.

  1. Kyle Cease talked about intuition and how important it was to be fully present. Anxiety is always thinking about the future but there are so many factors we cannot control about the future so why stress out about the future when being present is the best way to live life. This was powerful for me because, like many New Yorkers, we are always planning for the future and always thinking about ways to improve and get from point A to point B. There are so many things we can’t control like how others feel and how other people would react. His talk will remind that whenever I tell myself I am not accomplishing enough or whenever I have anxiety. “Hey, Davidson, just be present notice where in your body you have tension and notice where it’s coming from”. Oftentimes, it’s from past experiences and then instead of thinking create an intention for the moment. Noticing where in my body, helps me able to be in the moment in a snap.
  2. I meet a hypnotist name Zach Pincince. We talked about anchors and I want to share that my anchor is to disrupt a pattern that is not serving me. We think of a moment that gets us excited. Anyone can think of one themselves, a moment or memory gets you into a state of mind that you want to. In my case, I enjoyed the one minute and forty second build-up that Lewis has when his guests walk up on stage. The drums, the beating, the clapping, and excitement gets me back into the Ohio theatre. In my case, if I feel like I am going down to the spiral of doom by overthinking or when I am comparing myself to others I will use the anchor of Jump! to when Lewis jumps into the audience and how exciting that was. This simple hack, can help change my mood instantaneously.
  3. Ed Mylett is extremely rich businessman and professional speaker who owns a financial company who gives back so much to society and those who seek it. What I learned from him was how to turn tragedy into a blessing and strength. The story about how he purchased a block of land and turned into this beautiful mansion was absolutely inspiring. Multiple millions of dollars were spent transforming the bedrock into a strong foundation to create the perfect house, everyone would tell him he is crazy because when he purchased the land it was far from the dream he imagined. Luckily, Ed did not listen to anyone and still decided to chip away at the bedrock and even though it took him much longer than anticipated, he was able to create such a strong foundation that he was able to build this incredible masterpiece that could only take place on a foundation that was capable of withstanding so many upgrades and dynamite blasts to create room and space. He taught me to never give up on your dreams and the more outrageous something is, the more you have to pursue it because you have to trust your intuition in all areas of life. 
  4. StephanSpeaks is a relationship coach and a spiritual speaker- he discussed the power of falling in love with yourself. The ability to be by yourself and be so confident and comfortable in your own skin will be the best investment you make. I am guilty that I spend way too much time with other people and not enough time alone. Interestingly enough I get the most growth from meditation, sound baths, and other solo journeys. I become more in touch with myself and ideas like my podcast, YouTube channel, blog, and introspective posts all come right after alone time.
  5. Everyone at this conference spoke the power of the mind, one of the speakers who stood out of the mos was Marissa Peer- she is a world-renown psychologist who works with celebrities. She had us do an exercise about the lemon and closing our eyes and pretending that there was a sour lemon in our mouths. It was crazy how our minds clearly did not have a physical lemon but the visualization in our minds created one and we were all salivating because of that simple exercise. Her talk had me think about carefully selecting my words and it already has made a difference during the three-day conference.  I started changing the words I tell myself when pursuing activities such as, I am flexible and my presence/ attention to detail is amazing! Instead of putting words into my mind that were not helping me and prolonging the learning process and curve longer, I started thinking that I was capable of doing things that I normally would be inclined to try. It helped me dance in front of a crowd and be accepting of my style and how I express myself. 
  6. Lewis Howes himself is so compassionate and vulnerable. He shared a story about the dentist and his messed up teeth. He was able to really connect with the crowd and connect the crowd together about sharing how he put off procedures every year and until his teeth would crack. He did this through authentic storytelling and relatability. Lewis has a way of sharing something so intimate by doing it from a place of laughter and not make wrong or right.  This story reminded me of all of the times I resisted and waited until something would blow up when it gets to a point where it can no longer be ignored. There have been so many instances where I wouldn’t take action and subconscious it would eat away at my self worth but listening to Lewis share so authenticly and vulnerable you realize that these people we idolize, they have the same sorts of thoughts and problems as we do. Lewis being able to express concerns and have the awareness to change- inspired me to start some of the things I have procrastinated such as continue my podcast and content releases. He also helps me realize that instead of only sharing the positive moments I should share the negative ones as well and ask for support in whatever it is I am trying to achieve.
  7. Surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals when it comes to people who are looking for new ideas and ways to work on their mental, physical, and spiritual well being, I have never felt so connected to everyone around me. People who want to share authentically, connect with human beings. I see super connectors on people’s business cards. It was like hanging out with 2,000 Davidsons which was awesome because I was able to dance like a maniac and jump up and down and was not afraid that anyone would judge me because everyone was doing the same exact thing. When you find your tribe, everyone is so supportive because everyone is up to having similar breakthroughs business, career, and health. I was able to connect with so many life coaches like myself. Everyone wants to be around life coaches, we empower people to reach for their dreams while adding accountability, integrity, and responsibility.
  8. Gratitude- the whole three-day experience allows me to express my gratitude for everyone. I started communicating gratitude to my teammates, my old manager, my girlfriend, friends, and actively to everyone at this conference. The act of gratitude has never steered me wrong, it always makes me appreciate life on a spiritual level and the law of attraction is real. Money starts flowing when I start inviting it into my life.
  9. Resting- even though I was so pumped up about everything. I couldn’t sleep many of the nights because I had to share these lessons and get them out of my mind. The curse and blessing of being an influencer and creative are what you have to share with the world because you want to create change. I took a nap last night right before the big closing event at Express Live and realize how important sleep is. I listened to my body and left the last event early to take care of myself and what a smart decision it was. That two and a half hours nap made such a big difference that it greatly contributed to one of the most fun nights I’ve had. We need to take care of ourselves even if it’s taking oneself out of the game for a little bit.
  10. Have fun in every single moment, walking to North Market, waiting in line to get into the Ohio theater, eating breakfast- I was able to be more present than I ever have in the past and because of it I’ve gained so many friends and many laughing moments along the way. Life is beautiful, it’s all an experience- yesterday we turned these extremely hot ghost pepper wings and even though it was crazy- I will always remember that moment because we were all tearing up and laughing about what a silly decision. It was funny, and those risks are ones where you laugh about it years later.

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