Some more amazing Tim Ferriss Life lesson quotes from his guests (Tribe of Mentors)

p.175 “Every smart person and stable person I know both walks and meditates. The app Headspace is a fun way to start. Try and do it every day. But I suggest not doing it while you are walking… for now.” – Jimmy Fallon

Life is but a delicate balance. It’s all about being able to move because your body needs it but also the peace that comes with self-discovery and self-actualization.

This simple quote from Jimmy explains the last 6 months for me. I started using Headspace a little bit over a year ago and there has been so much that has changed. I started trusting myself more and learning more about my greatness.

The journey has been a rocky one but giving my mind a break from the billions of books and podcasts has actually given me a lot of reflection space to think about everything I have created for myself this year.

He interviewed Annie Duke who is one of top poker players in the world.

“Challenge yourself to truly listen to people who have differing ideas and opinions than you do.”

“Poker has taught me to disconnect failure from outcomes. Just because I lose doesn’t mean I failed, and just because I won doesn’t mean I succeeded-not when you define success and failure around making good decisions that will win in the long run.What matters is the decisions I made along the way, and every decision failure is an opportunity to learn and adjust my strategy going forward. By doing this, losing becomes a less emotional experience and more an opportunity to explore and learn.” (p.174)

This is so true, its okay to make mistakes as long as you learn from them. Doing the right thing is always the best way to go because things eventually normalize. People can get lucky once or twice but typically things usually end up resorting to the mean.

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