Transformation Journey


Over the past couple of years… I have always been asking myself.

Who am I? Who is Davidson? What do I care about? What am I passionate about? What is my purpose? Why? Why do I care? Why do I want to be an amazing sales rep? Why do I care so much about self development and life coaching?

Such a simple question fueled a journey of reading a ton of business books, reaching out to others for mentorship, learning and listening to a ton of podcasts.

I then realized.

Is it as simple as who do I want to be? At this moment and going forward.

Your past should not determine your future.

You have the ability to do whatever you want.

If we only acted upon what we know in the past. There wouldn’t be such things as possibilities, innovation, and not much for us to live for.

Davidson is partnership, good will, sincerity, optimism, I can choose to be a lover, I can choose peace. I can choose whatever I want for myself and set goals to become what and who I want to be.

I shouldn’t be limited to the knowledge I already know. There is so much more out there in the world to experience, to live and to be grateful for.

I am living in the greatest city in the world with the most diversity. There is so much knowledge and so many more experiences for me to live through.

I used to want to get somewhere to a destination or want to travel in order to escape the normal 9-5 but then I realized what’s the hurry? What’s the rush? I now think and that being in the present moment is so much more powerful.

Time is a funny and tricky thing. It can be your worst enemy or your best friend.

You can either try to battle time and be mad that there isn’t enough time in the day. Or you can savor every moment and just be with it.

The work I am doing on myself and as a coach has truly yielded so many insightful realizations.

Especially in a city like New York City. There is no other city where you get to met so many amazing and interesting people ready to change the world. I now realize that there is nothing to be changed.

I used to think that people have to change in order to become better but there is so much power in not being able to try to “control” everything. There are so many factors that we cannot control. So many uncontrollable factors, the more we try to control things. The less likely we are to be happy.

I am going to write a book about 1000 things I am grateful for hoping to inspire others to just be with everything and realize the world is perfectly fine the way it is.

All of the wasted energy we have trying to fix everyone or everything can be put to better use just being present with your family, loved ones, friends, and whoever else you want to be with.

The rest will fall into place. Not being an incredible spiritual person. I have recently discovered the power of spirituality. It seems like everything is happening for a reason. All of the downfalls, obstacles, heartaches, crying, joy, happiness, wonder, surprises.

I honestly think I am the luckiest person in the world. Every moment, every interaction is filled with purpose. My intent is to make a huge difference in the world leaving a legacy where people I interact with and me, myself Davidson being happy with myself as it is. Nothing wrong. Nothing wanting to be fixed.


I am choosing peace, ease, tranquility, love, joy, humor, play.

It is amazing how much more happiness can come from a place where I know I get to be whatever I want to be.

Lately, everything has been falling into place. Things just happen when I least expect it. Coming back to my desk to see an amazing meeting with A Fortune 1000 company in my inbox. The spirit, universe or whatever you want to call it has blessed me to be at this place at this very moment writing this blog. And I love it. Love every minute of it. I can’t wait to witness all of your amazing journeys and am so blessed to enjoy the world with you all!



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Davidson Hang is currently in Sales at Cheetah Digital which is a Marketing technology company located in NYC.

Davidson is an avid networker, personal growth- life and business coach.

He loves spreading the love and regularly helps people create and design the life they want for themselves.

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