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The Story of Davidson Hang

I am committing to writing a biography and to finish the bulk of it this year. It will help me heal and continue to grow as I reflect and am able to move on in the process from my past. I would love your thoughts, opinions, and perspectives on my authentic, vulnerable share.  

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Do you love yourself?

This is going to take a certain level of vulnerability but I have been challenging myself to be even more authentic because that is what leaders do. This is a question that has caused me to lose a great deal of sleep over the past few months and maybe even years but who is counting?…

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The power of vulnerability.

Being inspired after listening to Lewis Howe’s latest episode with Brene Brown. Check out her ted talk below. I will put myself out there even more so and be more vulnerable. I do believe that leaders are able to speak about their vulnerability to random people and people they have never met before. What does…

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Transformation Journey

Transformation Over the past couple of years… I have always been asking myself. Who am I? Who is Davidson? What do I care about? What am I passionate about? What is my purpose? Why? Why do I care? Why do I want to be an amazing sales rep? Why do I care so much about…

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Why I became a coach?

Story time! People often ask me how you got into coaching. To summarize my childhood, there was a lot of comparing myself to others feelings of inadequacy lack of self-worth and just a whole lot of self judgment. Growing up living off of food stamps, I always had the scarcity mindset. I think my love…

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