4 Steps to help you transition into Tech Sales

How to break into tech sales when you come from another Industry

1. Find a mentor having a mentor who has come from the same industry as you maybe you’re an engineer or accountant and you want to step into more of a client-facing role. #Mentorship can make a huge difference and if you don’t know where to start LinkedIn can be a great place to start

2. Being clear on what makes you #unique.

3. Find out the skills you need to be successful. Maybe your secret sauce is being able to super diligent with research creating a business case or you have strong communication skills. Being able to be curious about what the other person is looking forward to and connecting the dots to why you could add value would help

4. Don’t forget to just be a genuine human being. So many of us over-analyze and over-research at the end of the day just building trust and being able to convey value through active listening and being able to communicate Why is all that matters. Don’t overthink it and just take action. It’s hard to say no to someone who never gives up!

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Davidson Hang is currently in Sales at Cheetah Digital which is a Marketing technology company located in NYC.

Davidson is an avid networker, personal growth- life and business coach.

He loves spreading the love and regularly helps people create and design the life they want for themselves.


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