Interviewing One of the Top LinkedIn Influencers Marcus Chan

Ten Things I Learned from Interviewing Marcus Chan

Interviewing One of the Top LinkedIn and Salesforce Influencers in Sales

Marcus is a 3X Salesforce Top Sales Influencer to Follow and was a Director of Sales at Cintas and has won so many president clubs. He also worked at Enterprise as a Branch Manager breaking many records there.

I met Marcus through Ian Koniak’s year-long coaching/membership.

  1. Humility. I’m just a guy who has simply made some mistakes. 
  2. Putting yourself out there and your true supporters will be there for you. Not every opinion is weighted equally. 
  3. Having a clear vision leads to success. 
  4. Striving for excellence. 
  5. Giving abundantly as a practice 
  6. Having higher issues and growing your self-concept
  7. Challenging yourself to have more fulfillment in life 
  8. How to convert negative energy into something more productive
  9. Challenging stereotypes and disempowering beliefs
  10. Not being afraid of discomfort but embracing it 


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Davidson is an avid networker, personal growth- life and business coach.

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