Tony Robbins Date with Destiny

Today we created our values and the rules/conditions to be in life. What a lovely exercise!


  • Anytime our Networth is increasing
  • Anytime We try a different restaurant cuisine
  • Anytime our investments are growing
  • Anytime I’m helping a client or see someone grow
  • Anytime I add stocks to our investment portfolio

  1. Connection
  • Anytime Sammy and I are giggling/ laughing
  • Anytime someone I know is smiling
  • Anytime we have our men’s group interactions
  • Anytime I hug someone
  • Anytime I write or receive a positive note
  • Anytime I see someone fully

  1. Generosity
  • Anytime We treat ourselves through vacation or couples date
  • Anytime I give myself and others the present of being present and presence
  • Anytime I’m listening fully

  1. Prosperity
  • Anytime I have time to do fun activities like exploring hiking,
  • Anytime I’m reading a book or learning something new
  • Anytime I have spare time

  1. Gratitude
  • Anytime during the day when I’m doing Tony Robbins questions (10 of them)
  • Anytime I let someone know that I love them
  • Anytime I eat delicious foods
  • Anytime I’m present to our beautiful home
  • Anytime we show each other unconditional Love

  1. Wealth
  • Anytime I’m meditating and I’m at CrossFit/Peloton
  • Anytime I’m in a group class
  • Anytime I see Sammy light up when she gets a gift!
  • Anytime I’m reading and implementing financial knowledge books and Law of Attraction content

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Davidson is an avid networker, personal growth- life and business coach.

He loves spreading the love and regularly helps people create and design the life they want for themselves.

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