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Lesson in Letting Go

I was trying to enroll one of my mentees into this Personal Development Program called the Landmark Forum, and I realized how frustrated I was getting when he told me he dropped out of the program. My blood was boiling. I can’t believe how angry I was that he wasn’t listening to me. It’s interesting…

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Takeaways from Tony Robbin’s Date With Destiny

https://dwd.tonyrobbins.com/destiny/blue/3fe2480 Sharing with you my vision, Mission Statement, Towards and Away Values and Rules. My Relationship Vision, My Power Virtues, and my Top 4 year goals. Towards Values and Rules. Abundance Connection Generosity Prosperity Gratitude Wealth Adventure Family Grace Mission Growth Compassion Cheerfulness Power Virtues Commitment Passion Honesty Courage  

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Tony Robbins Date with Destiny

Today we created our values and the rules/conditions to be in life. What a lovely exercise! 1.Abundance Anytime our Networth is increasing Anytime We try a different restaurant cuisine Anytime our investments are growing Anytime I’m helping a client or see someone grow Anytime I add stocks to our investment portfolio Connection Anytime Sammy and…

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