100 People that I would like to acknowledge

100 Acknowledgements and the people who have shaped me into the man I am today on 4/11/2020

  1. Thank you, father, for being so kind even though you did not make a lot of profit you tried to help everyone out so much that you had to take a hit at times.
  2. Thank you to my mother who spends all of her resources and money on us even though she probably shouldn’t- she always drops everything for her children.
  3. My grandmother for her spirit, fight and smile. She can light up the room and is always patient with everyone.
  4. Samantha– For your heart, laughter, patience, and partnership. I am so lucky and fortunate.  I promise I’ll be more patient and kind with you even though we aren’t perfect we will work on it together.
  5. Davis Huang– your loyalty, friendship, sense of fun, play, and always dancing in the moment.
  6. Sue Anne Dant- Your coaching brilliance, space, authenticity, friendship, and heart. Thanks for always being there for me. You know I got your back. 
  7. Jeff Zacharski– Coach extraordinaire. Thanks for helping me get the breakthrough of being able to travel. 
  8. Jason Dukes– For making me cry during each and every one of your calls by not even saying a word. 😛
  9. Laura Westman– Your coaching brilliance, bright beam of love energy manifesting so many incredible dreams together. I appreciate our partnership. 
  10. Alex Terranova– The man, the myth, the legend you writing your book has helped me materialize mine. I can’t wait to share with you when it’s done 🙂 I’m declaring for it to be complete by the end of 2020. 
  11. Megan Markey– Day of Greatness buddy/ healer and self development junkie friend. I’m so proud of you starting your own business. 
  12. Regina Yu– Your loyalty, friendship, you have the perfect combination of knowing how to have fun but still being responsible in every sense of it. Being a mother looks good on you!
  13. Jameson Mendoza-Hilarious man- I don’t think I’ve ever met a funnier person in my life. 
  14. Rick Truong- Diaper Buddies- childhood friends- superbowl parties, EDM concerts, track meets, from diapers to weddings you are always such a loyal consistent friend. I appreciate you. 
  15. Schumann An– Our time together has taught me so much. I love you no matter what. Unconditional love- so many adventurous and funny, silly stuff. I hope you are doing well and I’m always here for you. Don’t forget. 
  16. Crystal Harding– Helping others heal, gain peace for our loving conversations. 
  17. Christine Sachs– Father, mother, brilliant coach. I appreciate you more than words can describe. 
  18. Mark Hunter– Your big giant heart and amazing brilliant space you’ve heard for us. I am forever grateful for your love.
  19. Lewis Howes– You helped me create my podcast, blog, and Youtube channel. 
  20. Tony Robbins– Being the father of modern self development your books and teachings helped me become addicted to getting better.
  21. Gary Vee– For teaching me that I can always put in more effort and never make excuses.
  22. Jeff Weiner– For your compassionate listening and sense of ease, grace, and managerial philosophies shaping all 14,000 of us at Linkedin and the impact that each one of us has. 
  23. William Lee– Your mentorship, guidance and how you push me to be creative in generating passive income. You are a business mastermind.
  24. Dean Karrel– For your kindness, connectedness, and big open heart. You inspire us daily by your actions and being.
  25. Antonio Brasse– Possibilities and living the dream- keep up the great work
  26. Nicole Z.– Your big, kind, open heart. You are so generous and I appreciate friendship so much. 
  27. Lauren McCue– Hiking buddy, Starbs! Laughing, Bradenton, onboarding and walking around to get out of the office to bring sanity into our lives. Sushi dates! Fun times! Thanks for being such an awesome friend. 
  28. Jackie Shao– I’ll never forget your reaction when I ran into at the Summit of Greatness! ENFPs for life! I’m so happy that you are impacting so many lives. Your vacations inspire us to create the lives we want. 
  29. Vivian Liu– Summit buddy! Self development, yoga, reading books- that Botanical Gardens trip was so much fun. Ps: stop smoking 😛 I value your life too much for that nonsense. 
  30. Jenny Hang– Thank you for your commitment to our family. Accepting you for the greatness that you are has been one of the biggest gifts you have given me. I appreciate you so much.
  31. Christina Nguyen- I’m always amazed by your joy and energy. You have such positive bright energy and the sky is the limit for you.
  32. Oscar Rodriguez– Thank you for being one of my first official mentees- Your joy and likeability is your superpowers. 
  33. Edwin Delarosa– You are going to create so many beautiful masterpieces. You are going to be super famous one day. 
  34. Edwin Aristor-Your continuous being of service, presence, and abundant joy lights up the room.The Carter to my Lee, we are an unstoppable duo capable of anything we put our mind to it.
  35. Kartapurkh Khalsa– Thanks for your patience. You are a space of clearing while simultaneously pushing everyone on the team to achieve our greatness. It’s only just begun.
  36. Zack Mulhall- Toastmasters, BuildOn, Linkedin Learning- Thanks for being there to capture one of my most important memories in my life. You are what’s possible through continuous self improvement and living a life of purpose.
  37. Jordan Katz– Thank you so much for your guidance, support, help, and everything you do to achieve excellence.
  38. Mike Ragone– Thanks for your coaching, the motivation, your continuous strive for excellence in everything that you do from being the best husband, friend, manager, and father is a testament to who you are and the people you’ve impacted.
  39. John Scafordi– Thank you for all the lessons, goals, and for pushing us to achieve higher standards. You are a truly people manager. 
  40. Jeff Anderson– Thanks for teaching me the ways. I’ve always enjoyed our time and teamwork together. 
  41. Anthea Chang– You’re an amazing mother with a heart of gold. Sammy and I are so lucky to have you in our lives. 
  42. Peter Chang– You are an incredible chef, father, caretaker, and your sacrifice for the family and your financial acumen is inspiring for us all. 
  43. Toan Hang-  Your care and love for the family being peacekeeper, connector and for your ambition too. 
  44. Pan Tang- I love our daily journaling sessions. Thank you for your consistency and friendship throughout the years. 
  45.  Aditya Guthey- Brother, you always make me feel like a million bucks after getting off the phone with you. Truly a gift!
  46.  Jeph Acheampong- Gifts from Ghana, thanks for always reaching out to me when you are in town. I alway enjoy our interesting conversations. Bezos 2.0.
  47.  Adam Klein- Thanks for hiring me at Experian. Staying even keeled is a practice that I have learned from you and how to have fun at work. 
  48. Trevel Price- You are an amazing coach, leader, and your stand for others is impressive. Thank you for everything that we’ve created together. 
  49.  Derlys- You are such a great listener and partner. I appreciate you and your consistent valuable sharings everyday. 
  50.  Roman Tarre- Thank you for all of the adventures we’ve had together in London, UK, NYC, and many more to come.
  51.  Phuong Huynh- Thank you big. So many fun memories, partying all over the place in different states, cities, your friendship and us having fun everyday and anywhere will stick with me forever.
  52.  Tommy Tran- You are such a big brother to many and an inspirational leader. Thank you for everything. I’ll never forget all that you have done to light a fire under all of us to achieve more. 
  53.  Vicki Chan- My longest friend at Rutgers and beyond. Too many memories, adventures, and craziness together. I can’t wait to create many more with you and our families. It’s going to be awesome to be neighbors too!
  54.  Roger Smith- You have taught me the priceless art of note writing. It’s been one of the most valuable skills I know.
  55.  Drew Graves- Excellence, work ethic, and partner. You do it all and show us what’s possible with commitment and effort. 
  56.  Ivana Pham- Crushing challenges, Life Coaching, and deep conversations from day one. You are destined for greatness.
  57. Garrett Rafols- Thank you for referring me into the dream company. You are such an inspirational leader. I can’t wait to see what’s in stored for you when you start your own business. 
  58.  Anita Desai- My fearless leader who is the ying to my yang. You are such an incredible human being. We are all so lucky to have you in our lives.
  59. Carlos Arante- Coaching you has been one of the biggest privileges ever in my life. Your heart is so pure and full of love and joy.
  60. Elliot Osgood- Cryotherapy, Male bonding, and deep conversations from day one. I appreciate you my brother. 
  61. Jessie Yeh- We always have fun, board games, going out, EDM, concerts, birthday celebrations. Thanks for always being there for us.
  62.  Abe Davis- Hilarious convos- Working with you was surely a bright spot- I wish you the best with your family, fitness, and career. Keep crushing it my dude!
  63. Brendan Beichert- You alway know how to have fun and get sht done. You always know how to make people laugh and smile. Such an admirable trait. 
  64. Cayman Lowe– You have no idea your kind words of encouragement mean to me. You are such a strong leader. I’m so glad you moved to NYC and that we became friends.
  65. Kelly Curran- Our yoga classes, meditations have been a clearing for me to give love and respect to others. 
  66. Chelsea Potter- You’ve really pushed me to take my physical capabilities to the next level. You are such an awesome coach. 
  67.  Francesca Emanuel- Your love for love is inspiring. Oh yeah, you always push me to max out doing every exercise like it matters. 
  68.  Jackie Goldberg- Thank you for creating the space for our Friday meditations. #AC love
  69.  Ryan Johnson- You are an amazing partner who never ceases to strive for perfection. Keep crushing it brother. 
  70.  James Manganiello- So glad we get to push each other. I’m grateful for our friendship. You are going to accomplish some amazing things in your lifetime.
  71.  Alex Metz- Thank you for your advice. I really do listen to everything you say and have been implementing it. Always keep giving and supporting others and lifting them up with you.
  72.  John Littler- Thanks for teaching me so much during our time together at TriNet.
  73.  Tonya Steiner- Thank you for hiring me at Bojo and jump starting my career in Saas.I really cut my teeth as an SDR under your guidance. 
  74.  Laurie Zlotnick- Thank you for your love, we had so many fun memories together with the squad. 
  75.  Yvonne- Landmark has truly been the foundation of me starting to give and with that came extreme abundance. It wouldn’t have been possible without you pushing me to step up as a leader. 
  76.  Katherine Long- Exploring Paths opened me up to the healthy addiction that is giving back while maintaining a healthy balance of reflection, curiosity, and fitness. 
  77.  Julie Ziccardi- Thank you so much for everything. You lifted me up when I was down in the gutters and for that I will never forget your kindness.
  78.  Chau Hoang- Orfa has been a lot of fun. Cheers to many more years of impact and helping others through education and mentorship. 
  79.  Kelly Walck- Our time together at SHI was a blast. Every memory there included you and us conquering the halls of 290 Davidson Ave. 😛
  80.  Kevin Sun- You are the man. Always know how to have fun and did we have fun even with my limited resources. 😛
  81.  Michael Liu- Awesome time being housemates. Korean BBQ to Starcraft days/ Good times, good times.
  82.  Pritika Das- Thank you for your consistency, friendship, our travels to Chicago was so much fun. 
  83.  Sumit Chaudari- Board game nights, countless laughters. Thanks for including us in everything. 
  84.  Charlene Ong- Your beautiful presence, smile, joy, and friendship lights everyone else up. You are a beacon of grace and clarity. 
  85.  Natalie Lau- You are always willing to have fun and present in the moment. 
  86.  Justin Luu- Fun, crazy nights. It’s been awesome growing up with you and seeing how we all work hard and play hard.
  87.  Brendan Luu- Adventures across Countries, states, tearing up the town in Philly, NYC, and everywhere we go. We are unstoppable together. 
  88.  Jeremy King- Thank you for the countless memories and for your big, open heart.
  89.  Vicky Tsai- Love our conversations, fun memories, and adventures. 
  90.  Vince Chock- My hilarious Asian trouble maker. You are too much but we all love it.
  91.  Spencer White- meeting you and sharing some of the most opening experiences have been some of the biggest highlights of my life.
  92.  Pierson Tu- You know how to have fun wherever you are.
  93.  Sharon Hu- You’re always a happy bubble of energy- always down to hang out.
  94.  Michelle Timins- Thank you for everything. You mean so much to me and everyone else in your life is so lucky to have you as a support system. 
  95.  Beth McNamee- I love that our mindfulness practice keeps growing with our conversation.
  96.  Aaron Boykin- The first guy I would call up if I badly need a drink- a good thing. Not sure but damn glad that you are in my life 😛
  97.  Igor B- Thanks for tearing me up and ripping apart my muscles. You always push me physically and I am thankful for that. I should be careful what I ask for. Haha. 
  98.  Melissa Molinero- Our podcast was the genesis of something truly incredible. Thank you for your spirit and love. 
  99. Qianna Brooks- Absolutely love doing the podcasts with you. Look at the monster you’ve created!
  100. Lastly I’m thankful for all of the times I have been let go from my previous jobs, it’s helped me learn to grow and be responsible. Life is full of ups and downs but I never will learn if I never failed. I appreciate you all. Thanks for reading all of this.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. 🙂

This is all ironic because I used to think it was so corny when people at the end of the book wrote these long acknowledgements but I can see why people do it. It’s nice to give thanks to everyone who has made this incredible journey possible. I love you all! Thanks for making me who I am today. 


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  1. Davidson – You are a beacon of light in this world and you are transforming lives! Thank you for this amazing content!

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