The Pillar of the Body- Make Your Cells Happy

These are additional passages that I enjoyed reading from Marci Shimoff’s “Happy for No Reason” book.

“Our souls are the individual expression of this larger Spirit. When you experience that the beauty and mystery surrounding you is inside you as well, your life takes on another dimension. You realize you aren’t just getting by in life, just going through the motions. Everything- your drive to work, your evening meal, your conversation with a friend, even your reaction to a piece of bad news- becomes permeated with a sense of grace. Living from that place of wonder and joy strengthens your connection to your soul, raising the fourth and final pillar of your Home for Happiness.

“The common thread that runs through all of their experiences is a feeling of reverence, wonder, and gratitude for the remarkable gift of being alive.” 

“People who are Happy for No Reason don’t always need to figure everything out or be in control; they live in the flow of life, trusting the underlying benevolence and wisdom of that larger wholeness.” (p.185) 

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” – Albert Einstein

“Think of a time when you felt that life is miraculous: watching early-morning light fill a mountain valley, holding your newborn baby in your arms for the first time, or maybe looking up into the vast night sky ablaze with stars. Every one of us has had at least one moment when our appreciation for life was so intense, it became awe. It’s at those times, when you feel both humbled and exalted, that you know you’re plugged into Spirit.” (p.184)

“From this unique two-way vantage point, I could see deeply into myself for the first time. I saw that my mind, body, heart, and soul weren’t as separate as I’d always believed. In a slow-motion, altered state of consciousness, I saw that all the emotional defenses I had mounted on a daily basis to protect myself. Suddenly I had the answer to George’s question: eating was my body’s way to avoid pain! I had created an armor of fat that insulated me from my feelings of fear, sorrow, loss, and shame. The problem with this strategy is that it left me with a painful emptiness inside that further fueled my craving for food. It was the perfect vicious cycle.” (p.179) 

“Yet that day, the box of berries stood out like a beacon. They were quite beautiful. I took out the box and looked more closely. I picked up a blueberry and asked the same question, Would this truly feed me. My body said Yes with a sensation of expanding space and lightness inside of me.” (p.180)

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