Luckiest guy in the world!

Luckiest guy in the world!

Honestly its been the best birthday week celebration. The last week before I start working again.
Shout out to Edwin Aristor for being such an awesome and loving friend!
Vivian Liu we always laugh and smile when we are together. You have been such a rock for me during the toughest of times
Pierson Tu– Thank you for showing up with a beautiful smile and for all of the fun games/memories.
Pritika Das and Sumit Chaudhari– Thank you for the gifts and for always being so thoughtful, kind, and generous with everything you do and who you both are for the world.
Delia Pan– This picture is for you Leya Ogihara thats how much we miss you! Thank you for holding everyone to account. I know that doesn’t make you “liked” by everyone but its people like you who stand for our greatness.
Ken Abelson– I always love our conversations. Thank you for introducing and welcoming me into the wonderful world of TMLP!
Sue- I love you my sister you always reach me when I seem to need it. I love how you always lift others up with your smile and authenticity.
Antonio Shadrach Charles Brasse– You’re always there and we can count on you to bring your whole self. Thank you for your friend, consistency, and love.
Cameron Fearey– I’m so glad that you are my wisdom coach. So many deep conversations about all aspects of life. Wishing you continued success and I know we will continue to push each other to reach our full potential.
Kevin Ko– Thank you for celebrating me every chance you can. The Self Expression Leadership Program wouldn’t have been possible for you. Thank you for being a clearing everywhere you go and your stand for transformation!
Melissa Molinero– It’s so great to be with you again and thank you for taking the chance to celebrate! I’ll never forget we started podcasting together and now I’m 300 episodes later grateful for you pushing us to grow every chance we get.
Sharon- so many laughters, fun memories, and cheers to many more adventures to come!
Carlos Arbona- I’m glad you decided to move to NYC. From Berlin to Vegas so many great memories together. I’m excited to see what you continue to create. Big things ahead for you my brother!
Sammy Chang– Last but not last my beautiful wife who has been there every step of the way when I was a lost soul trying to figure things out. I love you and my love just grows for you we laugh everyday and that’s because we know we always have each other no matter what happens



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Davidson Hang is currently in Sales at Cheetah Digital which is a Marketing technology company located in NYC.

Davidson is an avid networker, personal growth- life and business coach.

He loves spreading the love and regularly helps people create and design the life they want for themselves.

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