Vulnerability and Living a Life of Integrity and Authenticity Staying true to your values


This is a self Development Podcast. Join us on a R.A.W. conversation about vulnerability, love, performance, and how to be around women, #unlearning, #relationships, and so many other juicy topics. This was one of my favorite episodes because of the depth of our conversations about being true to your values and living a life of integrity. There are so many takeaways around owning your story and not making yourself wrong for the past ways of being that weren’t in alignment with our higher sides. These are some of the juicy lessons and takeaways from our conversation.

  1. The power of acknowledging our shadow and owning our truths
  2. The ups and downs of a Solopreneur
  3. How to integrate our truth with other people’s truths
  4. Taking time off to focus on well being
  5. Gender Roles and being intentional about how we show up
  6. Comparing ourselves and judgment (sizing people up)
  7. Judging as a human experience and having awareness of who we choose to be around it
  8. Compassion
  9. Being vulnerable and enrolling others through our way of being
  10. Forgiveness


If you are interested in learning more. Cultivating spaces for BIPOC leaders The Man Cave Free virtual weekly men’s group gathering via Zoom on Tuesdays at 12 PM ET This space has been created to offer a low gradient entryway into men’s inner work for men of color. The intention of this container is to create community engagement, exploration, and ownership in how we’re showing up as men of color. Each week we will explore an area of masculinity, truth embodiment, and identity. We will offer brief lesson and discussion prompts to the group – each man will be offered the opportunity to openly and authentically share their truth. Shares can be centered on the prompt or wherever that man feels called. The other men in the group won’t be commenting, coaching, or probing the group shares – the intention is to receive another man’s truth and be with it. We’ll conclude each session by offering a practice to take on in between the calls around the theme of the weekly prompt. We will also hold space for requests for support for any man in the container prior to closing. This space offers introspection and exploration into how we’ve learned to be men of color while also creating a space to be inspired to step further into the man we’re committed to being.

Real Ones Consortium – R.O.C. 12-week small group (10 men or less) accountability container meeting on Mondays at 6 PM ET $400 per quarter. This container was created to empower three primary experiences: accountability, awareness, and support through community. Each week the members of the container will make a declaration(s) to move forward toward the goals and projects in their lives. Additionally, we will practice distinguishing what we learned based on the results generated from our claimed declarations. Each week we will be guided in a somatic dropping-in experience, a group discussion prompt related to self-mastery, distinguished sharing around declaration, and a space to request support. This space has been created for men who have claimed the responsibility of being a “Real One” – a man who is self-aware, ambitious, curious, embodies his truth, and is on a journey to live a dope life. The men in this group will be called to support other men in the group, build relationships with the other men as they feel called, and hold themselves accountable for how they show up amongst the other Real Ones in the group. Each container offers a different experience and gradient of support while also tied to the central purpose of being an embodied and truth-led man. You can use this Calendly to coordinate a time for us to connect if you’re open to a deep dive. Lastly, if there is another man of color in your space who you believe would benefit from men’s work or community, please broker an introduction or share the information. Looking forward to continuing to grow and build with you brother.



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Davidson Hang is currently in Sales at Cheetah Digital which is a Marketing technology company located in NYC.

Davidson is an avid networker, personal growth- life and business coach.

He loves spreading the love and regularly helps people create and design the life they want for themselves.

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