What I learned from the Founder of Appollon Upskilling Solutions

Join us on Episode 163 of The Davidson Hang Podcast w/ Jasmine Waring. We connected thanks to Jheryn Kenney, who is also such a fantastic human being. Jasmine is an author, speaker, sales champion, DE&I advocate, mother, sister, friend, and mentor. Jasmine is the Co-Founder and Head of Growth and Partnerships at Appollon Upskilling Solutions. She most recently was at LinkedIn as an Enterprise Relationship Manager for the LinkedIn Sales Solution organization. Jasmine was the Chapter President of the National Sales Network in Washington DC & Baltimore chapter. Having been the co-chair of BOLDforce DC, which is Salesforce’s Black Community for leadership and development, and having extensive sales experience with Johnson and Johnson, I believe she has so much value to add to the world through her vast experience in sales and leadership development. Jasmine was also a Senior Sale Director at Mary Kay Global and recruited and managed a team of over 100 sellers. She offers excellent takeaways from her pharmaceutical days and how she was a top performer in all her endeavors. She was also the #1 rep at Pfizer. Apollon is a consulting and training firm that uses social media style microlearning and AI role play to upskill revenue teams to be more effective faster.
These are my top takeaways from our discussion.
1. Entrepreneurship and the mindset/values you get from those days from her Mary Kay days helped Jasmine be able to train and develop team members
2. Being able to double down on your vision
3. At the end of the day, it’s all about relationships
4. How to challenge the status quo
5. Being able to take intelligent risks
6. Leveraging your networks and ecosystems, adding value
7. How to grow and build your confidence
8. How Salesforce and LinkedIn’s network contributed to her growth
9. Having fun and work and being your whole self
10. When is the right time to start your own business
Check out her website if you want to reach out and get in touch with Jasmine.
I know we kept mentioning Jheryn’s name in the podcast. Check out this episode if you haven’t already.
Episode 9: The Davidson Hang Podcast w/Jheryn Kenney (Linkedin Enterprise Relationship Manager)


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