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I’m going through Landmark’s Team Leadership and Management Program right now and have been getting so much out of it.

Next week is going to be one to remember.

I registered my two beautiful and loving sisters + my mom. They all have incredibly huge hearts, and I’m so excited for them to step into their greatness.

My sister Jenny is so committed to the family. She definitely is the glue. She has a quiet strength and is always does whatever it takes. She spends a lot of time with my mom and holds the space. She never judges us and accepts us for who we are.

My youngest sister Tina is much like me. She has so much potential and is hilarious. She’s often the life of the party. I love her so much. They are both so different, and I love them all in their own unique ways. I cannot wait for the transformation that will come out of completing the Landmark Forum. It’s going to be incredibly rewarding to see their shiny faces after it.

I will commit to helping them process whatever comes their way.

My mother has gone through a tough life leaving Vietnam and coming to America. She’s proud of us, and she has such a huge heart. I love her so much, and Landmark helped me see who she really is. Which is a giant teddy who is continuously showering everyone with love. She’s a love machine, and I get a lot of my selflessness from her. I remember when she brought a milkshake for a homeless person who asked for it. I remember being so proud of her and that I got that from her.

My family is going to be so transformed, and I cannot put into words the joy I feel for this momentous moment. My sister Tina is out in Vegas right now, living her best life. I appreciate how she is able to have fun, and she’s always improving. That inspires me to be the best version of myself. I will commit to continuous growth because I know that intergenerational healing trauma is not easy. I am a stand for healing across the world, and I know it starts with accepting that I am whole and complete. I’m perfect as is, and that there is nothing to fix. That simple shift creates a world of difference.

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