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“Man up!”
“Be a man!”
“Are you man enough?”
Well… can you? Are you?
Are you sure of who you are as a man? Maybe you’ve given it a lot of thought and struggled. Maybe it never occurred to you to explore this topic! Either way, it is now time to think deeply of who we are and who we want to be in the world. And that includes expressions of our gender identity.
The concept of what makes a man, what really defines his masculinity, has been the topic of much debate, exploration, and controversy in recent years.
In this compilation of insightful essays, our group of thought leaders and men reflect on what shaped their own masculinity.
Dream with them of a future where masculinity is no longer a topic around the battle of self, but instead embraces a vision of healthy strength and balance, and a strong sense of who you can be as a modern man in a constantly changing and challenging world.
We explore topics such as:
Defining the word masculinity – both its negative and positive uses
-Moving beyond toxic masculinity
-The role of ethnicity and racism
-Expressions of faith
-Relating to the same and to opposite genders

Men, if you’re ready to explore your sense of self, if you’re ready to take the next step and begin to define a healthy sense of masculinity for you, if you’re ready to cast off society’s toxic expectations … then this book is for you.

I want to acknowledge everyone’s contributions! Thank you for contributing and lets us know if you are interested in purchasing a signed copy. I just bought 100 more physical copies that are coming in the mail this month. (Donating a portion of it to the Orphans’​ Futures Alliance) My goal is to raise $10,000 to support Orphans in Southeast Asia.


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