Top 30 Best LinkedIn Learning Courses

As I finish my last full week here at LinkedIn, I was able to reflect on my takeaways from the 503 courses I’ve completed in under two years here at LinkedIn Learning. 222 of them were courses and the rest were assigned from LinkedIn Wellness, HR, Company updates, product updates, etc.

These were my top 30 courses and why I took away from them.

  15. Sales Forecasting
  16. Developing Business Acumen
  17. Working Remotely
  18. Leading at a Distance
  19. Powerless to Powerful: Taking Control
  20. Managing Gen Z
  21. Managing Conflict
  22. Managing Fairness as a Manager
  23. Productivity Tips: Setting Up Your Workplace
  24. Making Commitments
  25. Field Sales Management
  26. Selling to Executives
  27. Note Taking for Professionals
  28. Learning to Say No
  29. Radical Candor
  30. Accountability

Overall, I have found LinkedIn Learning is great to fill in the skills gaps. I was able to better prioritize say no to things. Definitely not a pro at all but I value and manage my time better. I was able to have the most productive 21 months ever in my life.

  • I was able to listen better and be able to put myself into my manager’s shoes and it helped me see what she might care about.
  • I was able to become a better sales professional but learning things like forecasting which I have never taken a course on.
  • I was able to have access to people who normally it would cost a lot to fly them in to train us in person not to mention the caliber of instructors would be quite expensive.
  • I was able to gain confidence and build valuable qualities like executive presence whenever a manager gave me feedback.
  • I was able to improve my listening skills during 1on1 and be more present in meetings instead of thinking of the future so much.
  • Being able to reframe challenges and obstacles as an opportunity to improve and not be so hard of myself that I am not great at everything.
  • Overall, LinkedIn Learning is such a valuable resource. I focused more on the soft skills as you can see but I was able to learn hard skills as well with Microsoft Onenote, Asana, Microsoft suite of products, and overall sales forecasting.

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