Episode 110 of The Davidson Hang Podcast with Ryan Hall (Redefining Masculinity) Paperback coming soon this month!

Check out episode 110 of The Davidson Hang Podcast- a podcast about discovery and becoming our true authentic selves.
I’m excited to have Ryan Hall back on the podcast his chapter in Redefining Masculinity.
Here is a link to the book we just published:
We appreciate your vulnerability and authenticity in discussing some of the darkest moments in your life with the world.
Ryan D. Hall is an author, podcaster, and life coach for Kings. As a coach, he’s committed to supporting men to get into their hearts and Be Kings- the heart-centered leaders of the world.
As a storyteller and podcaster, he’s committed to sharing stories of power, redemption, resilience, and heart.
These were some of the passages that really stood out to me.
“But that’s not my truth.
My truth is that I AM the sensitive writer with a heart of hold. My truth is that I carry the quiet magnetism and charisma of my grandfathers. My truth is that I am a natural performer like my dad.
The measure of who I am as a man is what I see in the mirror every day. I don’t have to change what I am to be my masculine best.
All I have to do is show up and Be Ryan.
I’ll never have a rabid stadium with 100 thousand people chanting my name and cheering for me on national TV.
But I’m just as much of a man as any Heisman Winner.”

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Davidson is an avid networker, personal growth- life and business coach.

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