The Davidson Hang Podcast Episode 50 with Jackie Goldberg (Manager, Customer Success at Linkedin and graduate of Accomplishment Coaching)

Here is some much-needed lightness in what’s going on right now.

Check out episode 50 with the one and only Jackie Goldberg who leads many of the mindfulness practices here at Linkedin.

We are both graduates of Accomplishment Coaching and both work at LinkedIn. Join us for a conversation about coaching, lessons from her podcast in the Arena, and takeaways from diving deep into professional development.



Yay, I’ve reached a huge milestone for me at 50 Episodes of the Davidson Hang Podcast. I’m so proud of myself. It took close to 4 years to reach these many episodes.

I’m excited to bring to you Jackie Goldberg who leads our mindfulness community at Linkedin!

These are the things people say about Jackie when she enters a room.

Vaughn: Quiet Competence

Adrian: Confidence

Phil: Positive energy, compassion, intelligence, thoughtfulness

Sara: Focus, Fully Present,

Brad: A Calming Presence

Kaeisha: Peace and Centeredness

Takiyah: Grace and Compassion

Jason: Compassion and kindness

Stefan: Calm

Zack: Positive Energy, Relaxed, and Calming Presence

Davidson: Peace, Joy, Understanding, and Community.

Leah: Strength, Calm, Solid

Shayna: Calm, Others feel at ease


It’s hard to maintain the same drive and focus lately for sure. When Jackie walks into a room she brings with her focus. When she is working with you or speaking with you she is fully present, not checking her phone or doing other things, but focused on what is happening in the now in a rare way that makes the other person feel heard and important.

Jackie’s Essence in our Mindfulness community: Tranquility, Harmony, Halcyon, Convergence, and Wisdom


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Davidson is an avid networker, personal growth- life and business coach.

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