Episode 46: The Davidson Hang Podcast w/Christine Sachs

I’m pumped to introduce you to all our Program Leader from Accomplishment Coaching Christine Sachs. She is brilliant, and one of the best coaches I’ve ever met in life. She is responsible for transforming hundreds of lives through the year-long program we have in NYC. She has her own coaching practice and podcast.

We all went through some so many transformations and there were so many moments where we’ve cried together. So many tears of joy, and processing emotions. Accomplishment Coaching has helped me create my podcast, travel more, build, and cultivate beautiful relationships.

I’ve even healed some of my relationships to ultimately help me get to a place where I can propose to my fiancee. words cannot describe the gratitude I feel towards Christine and all of the lives we’ve all touched as a community of coaches. I’m sure you will enjoy this conversation about COVID-19, humanity, and the beautiful creations we humans are going to create after this crisis. Check out her website if you are interested in joining her community.

You should listen to this if you are interested in joining a coaching program that will change your life no matter where you are in life.

This was the catalyst that helped me reached so many of my dreams that I’ve recently created due to this community and the support we get from people like Christine.


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Davidson Hang is currently in Sales at Cheetah Digital which is a Marketing technology company located in NYC.

Davidson is an avid networker, personal growth- life and business coach.

He loves spreading the love and regularly helps people create and design the life they want for themselves.


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