The Joy of Not Thinking: A Radical Approach to Happiness by Tim Grimes

These were my favorite quotes from the book The Joy of Not Thinking: A Radical Approach to Happiness by Tim Grimes

“Thought created all this suffering—and thought itself was not real. Without thought, all was grace—always. It was all blissfully and blatantly simple, yet totally illogical. I sat on that beach, thunderstruck. It was laughable. Whatever you thought, it didn’t matter. Thought had nothing to do with anything real. Everything was always perfect, no matter what you thought…”

“I saw that thought was what caused my suffering. And if I wasn’t thinking, I wasn’t suffering. Suffering was an illusion created by thought. And thought, ultimately, wasn’t real. Without thoughts, there is peace. Without the thought of an “I,” there is grace.”

“If everything already is perfect, what are we trying to transcend anyway?”

“When our mind really quiets down, we inadvertently drop into profound stillness and peace. We automatically realize that everything is already fine exactly as it is. Everything is fine already. Everything is perfect. There’s nothing you need to do.”

“Although it might not sound like much, if we can learn how to relax more and accept that we’re already fine as we are, some good things are going to happen.”


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