The Communication Course (part 4) by Frederick Dodson

These are quotes from Frederick Dodson’s The Communication Course

“Let go of the “perfect world” delusion and instead become more relaxed and compassionate.”

“The next list to make is to address all instances in which you have been the “victim” of non-mutually broken agreements and contracts throughout life. For every item on your list write down what emotions you were motivated by before the other broke the agreement with you. This will, in most cases, reveal your part in it. Then, practice forgiveness for each item on the list by forgiving yourself and the other.       CHAPTER FIVE   Public Speaking   In Public Speaking anyone can move from unease to calm, from dullness to zest, from confusion to clarity, and from being boring to being remembered.”

“The more familiar you are with them, the easier it gets but what if you have never seen the audience before? Well, in this case you act-as-if you have known them for a long time.”

“The truth of the soul is that you are comfortable with any human. Understand this and you will never be worried about public speaking again.”

“you are too concerned about your public speaking, first gain more familiarity with who you are, then with who others are, and also with the subject you are talking about. Familiarity with your subject allows you to focus on it in detail, and as you focus, all concern and worry fade away as you get into the flow of your expertise.”

“On the highest level, your speech is almost “channeled” from a higher-self, without much need for rigid preparation.”

“Keep making pauses between speaking, keep looking up at your audience to establish rapport.”

“Simplify your speech, have your message be remembered by using pictures, examples and multiple contexts. If you are inspired yourself, you can inspire the audience as well.”

“As you become more attuned to physical reality, your connection to it (and thus to others) will improve. As you are pleased with the shape of your body, your Charisma increases.”

“You can break that habit by making a deliberate effort to laugh and smile more. You can hang up a memorizing-card somewhere that reminds you to smile or laugh more often. To talk to strangers more often. To open up more often.”

“Making pauses tends to give what is said more weight and allows some mind-space for reflection. People who speak in one straight line without arcs and without pauses tend to make their audiences sleepy. It is a common mistake of public speakers to speak too quickly.”

“When making very important points, I usually slow down the pace. In my last seminar I said: “Your self-image, the way you see yourself, determines your success in life”.”

“Attractiveness and influence are not only determined by looks and status but by the state of Consciousness.”

“Finally, your presence grows even more when you radiate states such as: Interest Respect Appreciation Gratitude Amazement Reverence Love”

“Be more interested in the world out there than ever before in your life but remain relaxed about it. There is no effort, expectation or hard concentration”

“Some people who are aware of other things than themselves”

“You might find that these are often older people who are no longer stuck in the prison of the Ego but indeed interested in what is going on around them.”

“if you are truly dedicated to a task, the here-now, past and future cease to exist – and with that, all worry ends. Being fully present allows you to feel reality as it unfolds, empathize with yourself and others, and truly make use of the day.”

“I became fully aware of others, taking note of them with calm interest. When touching goods I felt their texture and handled them with care. This of course led to reality becoming truly augmented and lighting up. Colors became more beautiful and the whole supermarket-experience thus more enjoyable.”

“The key to transcending your fear of mistakes is to allow yourself to make mistakes. The key to transcending being boring is to allow yourself to be terribly dull. Resistance is what amplifies and attracts that which you resist.”

“As what you resist will persist, let go of seeking approval from others.”

“Your light shines very brightly because no more energy is wasted on suppression.”

“So just sitting there and doing nothing feels quite empowering, because one is no longer at the effect of expectation or pressure. Release any guilt, time pressure, and impatience. Sit there, breathe, and BE. You should be fully present at least within a few minutes.”

“Or you can go around and deliberately touch various objects, feel their texture, size, temperature, weight and shape. A few minutes of this will make you much more here-now and much less worried or fearful. Presence has a stabilizing effect on your emotional state. 4. Intend and then Do”

“This alignment of thoughts and actions increases your Presence.”


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