Levels of Energy

These were my first passages from the book Levels of Energy by Frederick Dodson

“Infinity is the absolute of mathematics, physics, philosophy, religion, psychology and spirituality.”

“Understand that choice is a matter of intent and decision, not a matter of desire (in the sense of longing or neediness). When you desire something you are implying a lack, implying Infinity is lacking, implying that the thing desired is not available in the Infinite supermarket. Paradoxically, desire separates us from that which we desire.”

“The energy you radiate is the reality you get back. You experience the world not as it is, but as you are.”

“The absolutist says, “This is good, that is bad, universally. Period.” The relativist says, “Nothing is good or bad. It’s only your opinion that this is bad.”

“Energy tends to attract like energy, just as birds of a feather flock together. Social sciences don’t normally use metaphysical terminology such as “attractor energy fields”; they will use other words to describe the same truths, such as “The Broken Window Principle”, by which a bad neighborhood in town will likely attract more of the same events, actions and people. A building with broken windows is more likely to attract malcontents hanging around there than a newly renovated building.”

“shortcut to fulfillment is to gradually let go of reasons and conditions that have to be met before being happy and aiming directly for the feeling you would like to have.”

“When waiting for outside circumstances to change you, rather than recognizing happiness within, you are a puppet of the world. If you come to an ATM to withdraw money and your emotional state changes from OK to worse, that indicates that the ATM’s contents are controlling you, which is a far cry from you controlling it and its contents. Do you want to be controlled by a machine? Do you have money, or does money have you?”

“Practice feeling good today rather than projecting happiness into some future that never really comes. Life is taking place today. Can you feel the today-ness of life?”

“Inner calm and effortlessness coupled with outer effort or activity is a wonderful mix. A part of being successful in life is not to mix levels. A path to failure is to be tense on the inside and lax on the outside.”

“Essentially, both effort and effortlessness are important. To be willing to relax fully and work fully are both essential. Those who have not mastered this think about working when they are trying to relax and think about relaxing when they are trying to work. But rather than spending your life on a guilt trip, allow yourself to be completely lazy and at ease with it. In this way you will also allow yourself to be completely productive and industrious and be at ease with that.”

“In fact, as a general note, presume less and perceive more. What is true or not depends strictly on the here-and-now, rather than on previously learned formulas.”

“The ability to work with very different types of people is linked with the ability to shift one’s own energy.”

“In shifting my state, I utilize a different demeanor, wear different clothing, and use a different vocabulary. While I teach the same things to every group, I teach it in a radically different manner.”

“I instead worked with bottled-up emotions of sadness and fear, with practicing self-expression, with physical touch (hugs), with patiently listening to their victim-stories and so forth. Eventually I carried them up to level 180 (antagonism, pride, complaint) by letting them openly and aggressively lament about life, their former bosses, the market situation, etc. I used many confessional techniques and paths of emotional catharsis and confrontation. The workshop was a success and all participants experienced relief. One participant commented, “I expected more of this motivational crap about goals and stuff. I’m glad it turned out differently. I feel much better.”

“Your basic energy level is composed of past experiences (thoughts and feelings frozen in time and stored in your body and/or soul), your own beliefs, core-beliefs and attitudes, your current focus of attention, your open and hidden intentions and what you generally say and do most of the time. The people you spend time with, your environment, what you eat and drink and how you care for your body also play a role, albeit a smaller one, in your basic energy. Your regular environment is more an indicator of your state than the cause of it.”

“You can save an enormous amount of time and energy (which is then freed up for other things) by releasing the need for approval from others. The tendency to be needy of others approval, attention, confirmation, and validation comes from a time in which you as a child thought it was a matter of survival.”

“What goes around comes around. Like energy attracts like energy. Instant Karma is real.”

“What would have happened had you welcomed the tiredness, fully allowed it to run its course? Had you simply quit what you were doing, retreated to the sofa and lied down for a few minutes? Well, either you’d have fallen asleep and later awakened well-rested and refreshed or it would have “miraculously” vanished within minutes and not returned for the remainder of the day.”

“understand it, analyze it, or hold on to it – allows it to flow. If you remember only one thing from this book, let it be this: resisting something does not solve it, it feeds it. Water naturally reaches its goal because it resists nothing.”

“Living naturally, taking each day as it comes, and getting just a little bit better each day is more effective than attempting to take a quantum leap forward. “

“(higher states are mostly aware of the present). Here the individual is aware of self but not overly aware of others. One could say that the challenge of lower levels is to master self, the challenge of mid-states is to master self-and others, the challenge of high states is to master self, others, and the world itself, and the challenge of very high states is to go beyond self, others and the world to merge blissfully with Infinity.”

“The individual slowly becomes aware of self-as-all. You are not the body. You are not your mind. Instead, you observe body and mind, and what you can observe from an outside viewpoint you cannot be. If you are not the body-mind then what are you? At level 600 the typical answer might be “I am awareness.” Awareness in this case does not only mean a concept or nice idea, but an actual experience of the world. Not being fixed to any one position of body, mind or opinion, all bodies, minds and opinions are perceived.”

“Half-jokingly I sometimes also refer to the levels in even more of a short-hand, using the clothing one would wear as a metaphor: • 50: Rags • 210: Casual Wear • 320: Suit • 420: Luxury Suit • 500: Casual Wear • 600: Rags”

“The most intense methods of indoctrination are to demonize and to idealize. To demonize means to make something look much worse than it is and to idealize or glamorize means to make something look much better than it is.”

“Whereever you see extreme polarization you can tell that you are not dealing with reality but with projection (of either demonization or idealization).”

“letting go of everything one supposedly “knows” about the thing and then looking at it again from a neutral state.”

“If something requires a lot of effort, complexity, or explaining before it works then it is usually an artificially constructed reality and not a natural and self-evident one. Truth is always simply and self-explanatory. There is no lengthy sales-pitch needed to point out that the tree grows from the ground on its own.”

“That’s because the soul has lived millions of lives and basked in every state imaginable, so you have them all, to some extent, within you.”

“Methods of healing this level involve confession, revealing one’s hidden intentions and secrets, making amends, re-establishing contact to the innocent child within, and embracing that child’s fear. It’s important at this point to re-establishing contact with other people.”

“It is about neither suppressing nor expressing one’s issues. It’s about releasing them so they no longer occupy one’s attention.”

“This comes from the unwillingness to be content and happy with what is, and accepting the here and now.”

“So yes, even in countries of lower vibration there are plenty of opportunities to find sacredness and beauty.”

“The television set, an excellent medium at creating desire, is the main tool that has elevated billions of people up to the 200s. Cleaning up your living space will get you out of pockets of apathy; not cleaning up is in and of itself due to apathy. The attention and care of doctors is also helpful. Some become sick for no other reason than desperately needing some attention. Some actually die of loneliness (115).”

“By karma I am accountable for what I do in this life” – this attitude is a recipe for prosperity and growth. In rural India it smells of fresh roses and tea.”

“For a moment, simply place your left hand on your heart-region and your right-hand on your forehead. Extend tenderness, patience and tolerance toward yourself. Notice how much pressure you have been putting on yourself to achieve, to have, to do, to be – and relax. Forgive yourself for everything. Stop putting pressure on yourself. Instead, radiate love and understanding toward yourself.”

“I have travelled out-of-body many times, therefore the death of the body does not mean much to me. If anything, I believe death is a cause for celebration, not mourning. I am also convinced that sadness itself is what is keeping people from being able to communicate with those who have died.”

“Opinion does not matter, only experience matters. And if you have not experienced something for yourself, you do not know the truth about it. Similar can be said of hundreds of other organizations that are publicly vilified as evil. It’s best to base your beliefs not on information, but on intuitive sensing of energy.”

“Someday they will wake up and realize that only a fool waits for the world to make him happy and that his goals are not really his goals but those prescribed by the media or those set as a conditioned response or rebellion towards the status quo. The underlying reason he is so unhappy is because his goals have nothing to do with who he really is.”

“But the reason especially soccer measures this high in energy is because it teaches goal-orientation, team-dynamics, focus and tactics and elicits excitement and enthusiasm on a worldwide basis…more than many politicians and religious leaders can ever hope to accomplish. The unifying energy of the soccer world cup has had a beneficial effect on mass-consciousness.”

“As the level of planetary energy further ascends in the next decades, you will see many other types of new sports not conceived of before.”

“Focus on the unwanted merely creates more of the unwanted.”

“If they were really interested in world improvement they would actually be more peaceful themselves rather than shouting up the balcony of some government official.”

“The most important thing for the 180 to learn is: Invest more energy into the goal than into the problem.”

“I can respect others belief-systems and opinions”.

“I can like apples without hating oranges”.

“Many “discussion forums” of the internet are founded on 180 energy, because “discussion” is a favourite pastime of in this realm. However, they do not engage in discussion in order to learn or communicate or get to know people, they engage in discussion in order to be preachy, convince others of something, drive an agenda or make something or someone or other wrong. That’s the type of “discussion” they are looking for. Polarization is the popular pastime here. Everything is either black or white, so or not so, good or bad. The 180s strict position blinds him to all other possibilities and makes him the most ignorant person on the planet. And throughout all that he thinks he is the smartest. If you encounter a 180 frequently use “You are right”. Acknowledge him. Remind him of his successes. Offer praise. If you let yourself in on a discussion of who is right and wrong, beware that he will never give in and admit you are right. The discussion could go on for years. Have him get to know “working in a team”.”

“Nothing is gained by wronging others. Nothing is gained by winning an argument. Nothing is gained by evangelizing the world to your “truth”.”

“Perception below 200 is concrete, literal, specific in both spatial perception and mental processing. A 180 will enter a room and usually zoom in on something specific. A 100 will enter a room and look for potential danger. A 300 will enter a room neutral as a camera, and will therefore perceive more. A camera is not controlled by desires and aversions but merely takes the whole picture as it presents itself, without bias.”

“Because of this it sees much more than filtered and zoomed focus. The 500 will be aware of the “general ambience” of the room, of its energy-level rather than the specifics. It might later zoom in on various details, but the first thing it perceives is the context (the whole room and its energy-field) rather than content (the bodies and objects).”

“Above 300 things begin to look more three-dimensional. At 500 the world has even more depth and dimension whereas over 600 it is awesome and mysterious in its spatiality.”

“When the above 200 person travels abroad he does not want to see the same fast-food-chains and stores he sees at home, he wants to see something different, something unique to the culture he is in. Neither does he want the people in that foreign country to be the same as him or have similar rules and codes of conduct. He respects their unique way of being. He also respects their laws and traditions. So if for example he is Qatar and nudity at the beach is frowned upon, he will respect that and refrain from exposing his body. If he is not in Qatar but in Denmark, where nudity at the beach is celebrated he will also respect that and not try to get people to cover themselves there.”

“From teaching languages in my 20s I know that each race processes information differently and therefore requires different methods to learn effectively. I can best teach Africans a language through sound, through the ear, through auditory stimulation. Learning-materials should be pleasing to the eye rather than the purely functional we are used to from schools. Furthermore, sitting around in hard chairs all day isn’t going to do it. Africans learn best with playfulness and movement. Chinese on the other hand, don’t require any music, colour and playfulness, they learn best when I act out various vocabulary while they repeat them. People of Central Europe will rarely learn without a structured plan that shows them what they will learn, have learned and are learning today. So claiming that all races are the “same” and we should not discern actually cripples our appreciation and competence in intercultural relations.”




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