Reflections for the best year I’ve had so far

These are the top ten things I am grateful for this year in 2019.

  1. Lewis Howe’s Summit of Greatness– Dancing without worry. It was the first time I felt so comfortable that I didn’t worry about how I looked. I was able to be myself. Connecting the mind, body, and soul was so rewarding for me through this 3-day magical experience. The energy of the room and the presence that Lewis Howes has gives me goosebumps thinking about the conference. Picture this. You are in an intimate auditorium with over 600+ people who all share the same interests in Fitness, Nutrition, Business, and mastery of the mind, body, and soul. Whenever a speaker got on the stage, they started walking from the back with a crazy drum group who are all extremely talented by the way- its a one minute walk where the whole crowd goes wild! The energy in the room is addictive. You get to listen to some of your idols who I have read all of their books, listened to their podcasts, and watch their videos on Youtube. That was such an incredible experience, which is why I am coming back this upcoming year in 2020! 
  2. LinkedIn’s Inday– Once a month, we have a day dedicated to reflection, family, recovery, wellness, and relationships. Linkedin has the perfect culture where we get to do so many cool things that I am really in to. I would have never got involved with BuildOn, Streetwise Partners, and IMentor if it wasn’t through the people I have met at Linkedin with their selfless volunteering efforts. Thank you, Edwin, for helping me get involved with IMentor. Thank you, Zack, Jordan, and Andy for planting the seeds with BuildOn. Streetwise Partners was an experience that I will never forget because it was the tipping point that made me realize how much value I add to this world. I was never able to see it until I felt like I was in a flow state throughout most of the program. 
  3. Sales Success Summit in Austin, TX. I owe much of my career success to my role models, whom I listen to regularly on Scott Ingram’s podcast(Sales Success Stories). Thank you, Scott! Because of you, I started my own Sales podcast, and that’s how I met Garrett Rafols where he referred me into Linkedin. Flying down to Texas, it was fantastic catching up with old friends. I am grateful that I worked at SHI, where I met John Mundell, who kindly enough allowed me to stay at his place. Crafting and honing my skills at a business professional has been so rewarding because it covers all of the different skill sets needed to be successful in life. Going down there, I realized that I had come a long way, but the best thing is I have so much more to learn. This combination of humility but confidence will get me far, I know. 
  4. Electric Zoo– I am a huge fan of EDM. Some of my favorite artists are Dash Berlin, Armin Van Burren, Avicii, Morgan Page, Tiesto, and Cosmic Gate. Being able to see them in Vegas was also such a fun experience. There is something magnetic about the energy of thousands of people gathered together riding the musical wave. There is a moment where the sunset looks breathtaking, and there is presence where I am not thinking about the past, the future, just being in the present moment gives me chills. It’s when my beautiful Sammy is right next to me, smiling ever so gracefully. My friends and I are looking at each other with a goofy smile. There is silence between us all, but we are all thinking the same thing. This moment is beautiful. And then the beat drops and the crowd goes WILD! 
  5. Global Sales Kick off in Vegas– the second week of my job at Linkedin alongside 6000 employees. You want to talk about the energy and going outside your comfort zone. Imagine your second week at work at your dream company, still not processing that you wanted to work here your entire life. I fly west to Vegas extending my flight to be with two of my favorite people in Davis and Jameson. Jameson has an infectious energy to him. He has the ability to make me roll on the floor laugh literally every 5 seconds. That dude is a genius! My relationship with Davis is that I would literally die for him. There is honestly only less than a handful of people I would die for, but Davis is the type of guy who always thinks about others and just knows how to have a great time. He is loyalty, friendship, mastery, committed, and speaks the truth. To be able to spend quality time building relationships with my dream company and then have the opportunity to celebrate at pool parties in Vegas is truly what life is all about.
  6. The growth of business acumen. I was always pretty good at certain things like acknowledging people, social media, fitness-related activities such as the Spartan race and half marathons, etc. My manager pushed me to help me realize so many blindspots I have around my business. Don’t get me wrong I have so much more to go, but I am on the right path. She is an incredible coach, patient, willing to help me see what I am capable of. I am so grateful for a team who works as hard as they do. We still have some time left, but overall we finished the year out in a powerful way. 
  7. Spartan Beast Race– Thank you, Jeff Zacharski, for coming with me! Anytime you do an 8+ hour race in the cold, wet, mountains. It will be a fun story to tell. I find myself oddly at peace with pain as I push through my mental and physical barriers. I was so proud of myself even though I ripped my skin from my fingers right in the beginning but not having proper gloves. I looked much more hardcore because I was bleeding all over the place. I was able to meet such a lovely family in the Sasso family. It was beautiful seeing how much her mom, dad, and one of her friends was supporting her. I feel so at home suffering with everyone else during this crazy race. One of my goals is to do the Ultra Beast, which is essentially an endurance that will last for 16 hours, where you go through a mountain, plus 36+ obstacles over the course of one day for 26+ Miles. That will be a fun story to tell. 
  8. My spiritual journey- Thank you, Beth, for helping me explore my spirituality. From meditation classes through Transcendental Meditation to the hundreds of other different places/studios, and even online ones through Linkedin Learning, I was able to see and have a bit of peace. My restlessness can be incredible if anyone wants to accomplish anything. I highly recommend it, but when I am still, and there is nothing around, I get a sense of joy and gratitude as well. This balance helps me be able to unwind and give thanks to the universe. 
  9. My family- my relationship with my family, has dramatically changed so much. Thank you, Landmark, because of my moment of finally releasing and forgiving my father for his absence. I can sleep like a rock nowadays. I can now see the love the Aunt Julie, Toan, Joel, and everyone else that I was taking for granted. 
  10. I would also like to thank Sammy for showering me with love every day. Coming home to her gives me a sense of security. Her affection through text messages, funny videos, and cute memes melts my heart. I am less afraid to show my vulnerability now, and I genuinely do not want her to change at all. I can accept her for who she is, and with that acceptance comes an abundance of love. All of this would not be possible if it weren’t work we do in the last year and a half of Landmark. 

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