Nickolas Singh-Autographs

We did at an exercise at Streetwise Partners (One of the non-profits I volunteer for where I get to mentor someone with career coaching for 16 consecutive weeks) where we discussed who was the first person to come to mind as my go-to person – I immediately thought of Nickolas Singh.

Here is what I wrote as to why he is my go-to guy. He has positive energy, an active listener, passionate, funny, and inspiring. He is great at interviewing people, curious, and goes for his dreams. What I like the most about Nick is how comfortable he is in his own skin. He is encouraging, insightful, and ambitious. Nick has an incredibly insightful podcast and is always leads by example. He is genuinely a happy dude and is not afraid of failure. 71141214_2216322311992291_1120436407794401280_n


I am excited to present to you all Nickolas Singh!

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