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The Magic of Thinking Big- recommended by Tim Ferriss

These were my takeaways and favorite passages from the book- The Magic of Thinking Big by David J. Schwartz “The difference between Harry and the rest of you,” said the vice president, “the difference is that Harry thought  five times bigger.”  “This environment also tells us there’s too much competition for the top spots in…

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In Praise of Shadows

These were my favorite passages from a book that Tim Ferriss recommended called In Praise of Shadows by Junichiro Tanizaki. “The sun never knew how wonderful it was,” the architect Louis Kahn said, “until it fell on the wall of a building,” “reproduce the special character of our voices and our music. Japanese music is…

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The incredible Ray Dalio

“Think for yourself while being radically open-minded.” is his claim to fame. I just finished his book Principles and it really makes you want to write down your principles to abide by so that life is much easier when you have to make important decisions whether its family or business you have to choose between…

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Fittest people in the world

p.304 in Tribe of Mentors “It is essential to identify the root cause of that lost focus- am I just having a bad day, or is the task itself something I simply hate doing? If it’s clearly the former, and time pressures allow, I’m a big fan of just packing it in and doing something…

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