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David Chang’s Memoir

These were my favorite passages from his book. Eat a Peach: A Memoir  by David Chang, Gabe Ulla  “The downside to the term tiger parenting entering the mainstream vocabulary is that it gives a cute name to what is actually a painful and demoralizing existence. It also feeds into the perception that all Asian kids…

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Michael Bloomberg’s Biography

These were my favorite passages from his book. I’m always curious as to how billionaires add value to the world and by solving problems they becoming rich. That’s why I enjoy reading billionaire biographies because I want to dissect the essence of the book to see how I can share with you all without having…

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Ted Turner’s biography (part4)

This is the last part of my favorite quotes from his book about his life, loves, and business success. “Once the concept was proven, we would have easier access to capital. Even in the worst case, I figured that if we ran out of money after launching the channel and getting some distribution, we would…

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Ted Turner biography (part2)

Takeaways part 2 of Ted Turner’s Biography. The life of a billionaire and how he built his business and the stories about a guy who has lived multiple lives. “(Incidentally, throughout my career I’ve been criticized for being a poor negotiator and overpaying for things. But by not hesitating to make quick, aggressive bids, I…

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Ted Turner’s Biography

These were my favorite passages from Ted Turner- a billionaire who created CNN, TNT, and had many other amazing accomplishments. The book is structured chronologically so the beginning is about his childhood. “I could handle the physical jobs, but once I had the chance to use my mind, my heart, and my salesmanship, I really…

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The Story of Davidson Hang

I am committing to writing a biography and to finish the bulk of it this year. It will help me heal and continue to grow as I reflect and am able to move on in the process from my past. I would love your thoughts, opinions, and perspectives on my authentic, vulnerable share.  

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