What are 5 things/people/activities that give you peace?

Taken from Humble The Poet’s book. How to be love(d)- Simple truths for going easier on yourself, embracing imperfection, and loving your way to a better life

Exercise #2 Big L. vs Small l

What are five things/people/activities that give you peace? 

Oh, I love this question because my life’s purpose is peace.

  1. Nature, sunset, sunrises, trees, flowers, birds, Earth, Mother Mature
  2. Our home, resting at home, watching TV, playing videos, not caring about what other people think, living life on your terms!
  3. Will Smith, ENFPs, Robin Williams, people who are super vulnerable, humans living up to their full potential
  4. Journaling, Meditation, waking up feeling super refreshed
  5. Gratitude exercises

Exercise #3

Love Attracts love

What is something you like about others that you also like about yourself? 

I like how ambitious, smart, charismatic, people-centric, focused and passionate on topics and things I’m into.

What is something you like about others that you wish you had yourself? 

I admire others the ability to rest more often, the focus that comes with not having ADHD, and how people can be happy with less. The brilliance that comes with inventing something that transforms and impacts the life of being a billionaire or even a millionaire. I’m not a millionaire yet, but I know it will happen because of the vision and the level of action I am able to take in regards. How people can be comfortable with staying at home.

What are your qualities in a dream partner? 

Compassionate, loving, caring, unconditional love.

Which of these qualities do you have yourself? 

Compassion, I am a ball full of love, and I don’t currently have unconditional love for myself, but I’m very much on that journey.

Exercise #4

Perfect is the enemy of love 

What are some of your imperfections? 

I cry, and I can get pretty emotional. I’m short, I’m definitely not what American views as handsome or good-looking. Well because I’m not a tall dark super buff-looking guy. I just simply love food so much. Being a foodie is one of life’s pleasures and it also creates a lot of unhealthy thoughts because of social media. I have ADHD and I can judge people from time to time. I’m not the best grammar person evident but a lot of grammar police who have commented and let me know. When I see people not living up to their full potential, I get sad.

Write to your 8 year self helping them feel better and embrace these imperfections


You are going to go through way too many thoughts in your head, and you know what all of the things that make you different you will start to appreciate. You will find that the complexity that comes with the world. Life is currently not fair, and you won’t always understand why things happen the way they do, but I guarantee you will have many funny stories to tell, and your capacity for understanding so many different types of people will make you such an impactful worthy of crying human being.



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