Why I’m proud to be an American

Happy Fourth of July. 

Although we still have a long way to go, I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.

These are the top ten reasons why I’m still proud to be an American. 

  1.  Living in NYC, I can try all different types of cuisines. It’s pretty awesome to be able to eat Indian, Korean, Taiwanese, Jamaican, Chinese, Italian, Irish, German, and basically anything I want. If I want to go outside my comfort zone, the melting pot of options I have is incredible. It’s so refreshing to be able to explore, and there are so many different neighborhoods that I can go to and be teleported into a brand new experience. 
  2. Freedom of speech- although yes there are many media platforms that owned by certain people but for the most part you are able to say whatever you want and the government cannot block your words. I’m happy its not like China or somewhere else where I can go to jail or even worse executed from bashing the government. 
  3. All of the beautiful national parks we have- being a huge nature fan I love exploring the mountains of the Adirondacks, Catskills, it feels great to be in Mount Killington or the Poconos. There is always something extremely spiritual to be with nature where you can just be. Hearing the birds chirp, the beautiful flowers, and the smell of pine is magical. 
  4. The economic opportunities that we have here- yes we are not perfect and the income distribution is pretty outrageous but at the end of the day I am someone whose parents grew up in poverty living off of government assistance and now I am able to make a decent living and to be able to have a life that not everyone gets to have where I get to travel and do all of these amazing things and have all of these privileges. 
  5. Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging- I don’t think anywhere else can I attend a Hispanics of LinkedIn, Black Inclusion Group, LGBT event, have a mental health conversation with the coachs and therapists, and end it with a happy hour with the Linkedin Asian Alliance all in one week. I have the opportunity to learn more and go outside my comfort zone to expand my horizon, and it’s because we have such a diversity of experiences and backgrounds right in my backyard. 
  6. Technology- sometimes, I sit back, and I’m amazed at being able to next week for instance, I am getting lasik eye surgery, and I’m grateful that we have all of these technologies where I can reach my friends in Singapore or across the country with a single click. America is known for innovation, and luckily I work for a company based in silicon valley, and we get to be able to do so many good things in the world with LinkedIn being able to connect people together and help people get jobs and help train the workforce with new skills if there is a skill gap. 
  7. Many of the coolest companies out there are born in America- Apple, Google, Microsoft, Linkedin, Slack, Facebook, Instagram- although there is a lot of stuff going on- I do appreciate all of the amazing companies that have made us who we are. If I want to stay in touch with someone who I just met even traveling to another country I can easily call them and be able to write to them a message. We Americans at our core at innovative people, and it’s because we have, for instance, over 100+ different ethnicities at Linkedin alone, and that combination of ideas and thoughts allows us to be able to impact so many lives. 
  8. The standard and quality of life is pretty amazing. If you sit back and think about it if I can get Whole Foods delivered to me if I am sick and I do not want to leave my apartment I can literally spend a whole week indoors recovering and get pretty much anything sent to my door with Amazon and all of these all services. Having access to quality food has greatly helped me to be able to spend time and energy on other things if I choose to. 
  9. Access to network and resources- from Greek life, to universities/colleges, being able to volunteer for any non-profit or any cause of your choice. America grants me the ability to help immigrants, mentor, and tutor others- raise money for Orphans in Vietnam, help raise money to build schools in Africa. It’s pretty outstanding how much abundance we have if we take a step back to look at how privileged we are in many ways as someone who is tech working in NYC.
  10. Podcasts- ideas generation and creativity. I believe that one of the biggest things that make America great is the creativity that we have. Living in NYC- I am exposed to ballets, theater, museums, and art that expands from so many cultural influences. Every day is a new adventure where I get to broaden my horizon and intellectual curiosities. Happy Fourth of July, everyone! I know we have ways to go to make progress, but I’m still optimistic and proud to be an American. 


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