Why I chose the Fortune opportunity

Good morning (and good evening to my out-of-country friends) to my incredible community!

Time for exciting news! This is my first week at Fortune as a Sales Account Director. Sharing with you why I choose this incredible opportunity.

Thank you, Lindsey Kintner who will be my manager for the opportunity. Thank you to Lisa Cline and Alison Fried for sharing your vision to allow me to be one of the earliest Fortune Connect team members.

Shout out to Michael Wong for sharing with me how great of a manager she is, and big thanks to the LinkedIn product for showing me who is connected to whom always a big help during the interview process.

Here are some of the reasons why I choose Fortune and why the Fortune Connect product.

I got to experience meeting Arvind Krishna who the CEO and Chairman of IBM, who shared his insights into the incredible opportunities ahead of us, and met one of my favorite authors Keith Ferrazzi who wrote the playbook on how to add value to your network. His book Never Eat Alone made a big difference in my life. Fortune has 93 years of history of cultivating and grooming the most impactful executives in the world and has brought together many extraordinary leaders. To be able to continue to grow that and build the legacy is truly a privilege.

There are so many takeaways from completing the Building Stakeholder Capitalism course. I’ve also learned a lot from the Purpose-Driven Leadership learning sprints. This role combines my love for mentoring, executive coaching, and community-building. I’m grateful for the opportunity to make a difference and cultivate the next generation of C-suite executives within the Fortune 500, the top most prominent organizations in the world.

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