What I’ve learned from Landmark’s Self Expression Leadership Program

I went through an amazing 3rd portion of the curriculum for living with Landmark.

It was such a powerful journey. My project was transforming corporate wellness. I learned so much about myself, support, vulnerability, and public speaking. I don’t know what it was, but every time I was in front of the room, it was a spiritual experience feeling and being so connected to everybody.

I am so grateful for the most supportive group of people ever. The number of tears, hard work, commitments, efforts, letters, stories of clearing the past was so inspired.

I was even inspired to write over 200+ letters to old teachers, coaches, meditation, friends, family members, former bosses, and created so many reunions.

It’s nice seeing how connected everything is. All of my decisions creating this beautiful person I am today always helping, healing, impacting, and making a difference in the world.

I’ve personally watched people transform and am still blown away up how much I have grown in just a matter of 4 months. It all started with making bold asks. I reached out to all of my heroes and idols people like: Malcolm Gladwell, Lewis Howes, James Altucher, Michael Gervais, Rich Roll, writing them a note and being able to acknowledge everyone for who they are.
I have gotten peace of mind and realize that when you transform yourself, everyone else around gets affected as well.

I can’t wait to continue to share my self-development journey. I am so glad that every day, I get to wake up happy that I am hitting my goals, building stronger relationships and that people tell me I have made their day almost every day.


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Purpose: I create an empowering context for curious and hungry people looking for fulfillment, experiences, and creativity. We do this by developing their growth mindset, introducing self-love, and powerful group experiences. It results in people with strong boundaries, resilient mental health, and practical life skills

People leave with the ability to land their dream job, have autonomy and flexibility with their lifestyle, travel the world, and create from their heart and soul.


Davidson was once broke, insecure, low-confidence, and frustrated by doing all the wrong activities. Addicted to drugs, validation, and wallowing in self-pity. No relationship to family, and at the mercy of other people’s suggestions and opinions.

It was hell.

After spending $100k hiring different coaches, traveling the world doing workshops around the world, reading>1000 books, and through curiosity, have created the most effective system to remove people from that situation. My life’s work is to bring joy and abundance to people who as on a similar path as I was and bring back the joy and abundance of their life.

Through shared experiences and storytelling, I inspire and model behaviors that lead to a richer, more fulfilled life full of joy, experiences, passion, and ecstasy from the richness of relationships and being able to experience the depths of the human experience.

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