What I’ve learned from consistently working out with a group of friends the past 8 months

I put together a workout crew with Jeff Zacharski, Hayden Humphrey, and Paul Ly where we work out on zoom three days a week. I’ve gotten so much from putting together that together.

These are the top ten lessons from putting that together. 

  1. Everything is more fun in partnership. I’m the type who likes taking group classes, whether it’s yoga, pilates, kick boxing, boxing, or Crossfit or HIIT workouts. When you work out with other people, the accountability aspect of not wanting to let someone else down helps you stay accountable to your goals. When I tell myself I’m going to work out today- I’m less likely to complete the task than when I communicate with multiple people hey, this is what I’m going to be doing. 
  2. Trust the process: Like with anyone in life, big goals do not happen overnight. I’m certainly starting to see results, and in the beginning, I think there were times where I thought this was hard, but after doing it and making it a routine. This seems just as normal as waking up and brushing my teeth. 
  3. Stay in communication: Not everything will be perfect but communicating with each other as schedules change and things come up. Being able to share how you are genuinely feeling is helpful in any relationship. 
  4. Trying something new: I used to be afraid of doing Wim Hof, but after doing it for six months straight: I have found that new habits can add so much to life if you empower it. I also recommend Certified Health Nut. We did the breathing exercises today, and I felt extremely awake afterwards because breathing is so important in life and getting oxygen into your system. 
  5. Leverage: Empowering YouTube and the collective strengths of all of the workout and excellent thought leadership out there. Why try to invent the wheel? 
  6. Have Fun: Being able to have a blast while working out. It’s not meant to suck. Okay maybe in the beginning, but your body adjusts, and it doesn’t seem hard anymore. I never thought I would be into doing workouts online, but you adapt, and your body gets used to pushing yourself. 
  7. Gratitude: At the end of every work out we always use the time to reflect and give thanks to our body and for giving ourselves the space to focus on ourselves first. In life, there are so many things vying for our attention. It’s nice to share gratitude and use the time every morning to reflect on the things that help you stay present. 
  8. Block it off in your calendar: If it’s not in your calendar, its way more likely to not happen. We have a reoccurring calendar invite so that we know it’s going to happen. 
  9. AMRAP: That stands for As Many Reps as Possible: In life, there is the concept of pushing yourself beyond what you think is possible. We do an AMRAP every few weeks or so where we do the same exercise for 20 minutes to see how many sets of 5 sit-ups, 10 push-ups, and 15 squats we can get in 10 minutes. When I first started, I was only able to get 21 sets, and now I can get to 30 sets of the AMRAP. It goes to show you the power of accountability and consistency. 
  10. Working out keeps you in the present: The beauty of working out is that you are truly focused on the present. You aren’t thinking about the past or future. You have to pay attention because you are doing exercises. Anything that keeps me from thinking too much about the past or future is healthy because we all have enough things to worry about. 



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