What I learned from taking yoga, pilates, and takeaways from ClassPass

For those of you who do not know what Classpass is. It’s a monthly subscription where you get a bunch of credits and try different studios. In a city like NYC, it’s an amazing experience. Being able to try things you would never have on a monthly basis is quite incredible.

http://class.ps/hDaN7 if you guys want to join, you can get $40 off your first month.

Sweet deal!

I really got into Flywheel which is a spin class that is super competitive where you can see how well you are doing against the rest of the class. There is just sometimes able pushing yourself every day to see if you can improve from yesterday.

I really enjoyed doing Crossfit and still get to do that with Classpass but I can balance out by working on improving my flexibility while going to local Yoga studios. Because of my curiosity, I was able to try new healthy activities such as Tai Chi, Barre, reformer pilates, and I had actually never taken a spin class prior to ClassPass so I have been really into that lately. They actually have wellness choices as well so it was my first time trying an Infrared Sauna which actually made me feel great after that very interesting experience.

I highly recommend it to anyone who likes a diverse, healthy balanced lifestyle. I have no problem using up all of my credits. It’s definitely an addicting experience because each studio and each type of yoga is so different. Instructors are all different so even if you go to one Flywheel class for example. The energies and people are all unique so you end up meeting a lot of similar minded folks that are working on their fitness and wanting to improve their health.

Here are the top 10 things I have learned from ClassPass

  1. Subscription revenue business model is extremely intelligent. Its recurring revenue every month and once you get hooked it’s hard to stop.
  2. Fitness means strength, flexibility, core and everything else. Everyone has different goals so what might be what someone would consider strong is going to be totally different from someone else. From doing Crossfit for over a year, there were certain things I excelled at such as Box jumps, burpees and more body weight type of activities. After trying pilates and yoga. I have realized that man, there is so much power in working on your core and other activities that you are not used to. I feel much better and look better too because I am not concentrating just on my arms or just with heavy weights. It’s always good to mix it around so that all areas of your body is getting a workout. We tend to do the same routines over and your body adapts to it so you are not breaking your muscles down as much to build them back up.
  3. Marketing works… I guess. I saw ads for a promotion for ClassPass and after seeing it everywhere in addition to from a ton of friends. The idea was planted in my head for awhile. I finally took the plunge and it has been one of the best decisions of my life. I look forward to working out every morning and trying different studios to see how far I can get outside my comfort zone.
  4. The power of a community. Places like Solace and Flywheel you can just feel the energy in the room. Everyone is here to sweat and make the most of their workout and have fun in the process. Life is limited so you want to be healthy and enjoy even the sometimes painful moments of the last effort push in spin class. It can be fun and rewarding if you shift your mindset to look to respect the process.
  5. Yoga- wow the power of meditation and challenging yourself on continuous improvements day after day. I never knew how complex and how easy but hard it can be. Sometimes, I question how is this pose even possible for someone like me who was never able to touch his toes? But I really do enjoy the ending portion where you can create a peaceful calm after a strong effort.
  6. Ying and Yang of life. It is interesting how I used to be the most out of shape person ever in my class and how I was able to turn it around and become pretty much obsessed now with pushing my mental and physical capacity. Every day is a blessing in that we get to challenge ourselves to see what we are capable of when forcing uncomfortable situations.
  7. Giving back to the community, there are a ton of free classes that you can sign up for on Classpass as well. These instructors are so passionate about changing peoples live to build more confidence everywhere. I absolutely love interacting with the instructors and how they really believe in what they do for a living. Changing peoples lives and having fun in the meantime. Sign me up!
  8. Friendships and laughing. It’s awesome to see the same folks and just chatting about common interests while working out is always a ton of fun. It is cool to see how diverse NYC but we all after the same goals of wanting to be healthy, having a fun experience and making new memories. Some of my favorite memories involve being the only male in a class full of women in pilates and barre sometimes. The uncomfortableness becomes much more comfortable as I do it more often to expand my comfort circles that can carry on into other areas of life.
  9. The power of referrals, I love talking about these moments because I get to introduce something that has been so life-changing my life to affect other people’s health and experiences. I love being able to make a difference in my friends, family’s and loved one lives.
  10. Being present in the moment, it’s easy to dread your work out because a lot of people do but I find that in every new situation I always learn something more about myself whether its oh wow I didn’t know I was able to run that fast or peddle that hard. Good job Davidson! There is so much that life has to offer. Why not seize the moment and go out there and have a blast every day every moment!


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