What I learned from becoming a TikToker

These are the top ten things I learned from becoming a TikToker. 

  1. I used to think TikTok was bad for our society, but then when I learned to embrace it, who knows what the future holds I do know for a fact it can provide you with access to so many millions of people.
  2. I will analyze my data on trying TikTok for a month and tell you my lessons. 
  3. You can schedule in bulk, which saves you so much time. I love how TikTok thinks about optimizing as many views as possible.
  4. So, trying it out for the last seven days experimenting with different things, I had 20,877 video views, reached an audience of 18,411, and 100 profile views. I received 2240 likes, ten shares,and one comment. That yielded 110 new followers.
  5. In order of highest age ranges, 25-34- 37.9% 35-44 is 27.3%, and 18-24 is 24.2%. 
  6. I’m surprised to see that 51.5% of my gender were women. I would have assumed that it would be mostly men, but more women use the platform overall.
  7. What I enjoyed most about TikTok is that it doesn’t take much to understand why people get sucked into the platform. As a consumer, it learns the things you like very simply. If you are going to a different page quickly, then that means you don’t like the platform. 
  8. If your goal is to create a business and advertise it in today’s age. It’s hard to argue that any other platforms will give you access to that many people intimately in their homes, whether they are lying on the couch or if you are in bed able to go to sleep soon.
  9. The advertising function they call it promote can help you get more eyeballs so much quickly. Normally most of my views gets anywhere from to 200-300 views but I tested it out promoting with a couple of views. It got 4.8k, which is pretty ridiculous for a relatively low amount of dollars. Still, honestly I wouldn’t consider the audience as good as, for instance LinkedIn, which typically people on LinkedIn probably have more purchasing power. 
  10. Just have fun with it like any other social media platform, experiment, and don’t write it off. I used to write off TikTok so much, and now I’m glad I can have fun with it all. It is pretty wild when you open up your mind to new possibilities. 


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