What I have learned from writing 5 things I am grateful for every morning for over a year

I have been doing this exercise for over a year now every day in the morning. I think I have been doing it for a year and a few months.(I know because of Facebook reminders that tell you what you did that day years before). How would we keep track of time if it wasn’t for Facebook? Those of you who follow me on social media probably have seen it at some point.

First of all thank you for all of your kind feedback and motivations. By telling me you guys saw value in what I was doing and some of you have even decided to start the exercise for yourself which is amazing to see! It makes me really happy to see that I have made at least one positive impression on at least one of you!

These are my takeaways from doing this every day.

We live in a world of abundance! There is so much opportunity out there. Tuning out negative media such as watching the news and instead choosing to read biographies of the greats of Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Reid Hoffman, Vanderbilt, Rockefeller, Einstein, Tesla, Phil Knight, and Benjamin Franklin have all taught me that you are in so much control of your own destiny.

I have noticed that I am grateful for many things that we often take for granted, electricity, water, heating, plumbing, umbrella, and the opportunity to connect with people all over the world in different nations.

I absolutely love New York City, the diversity of opinions and ethnicities…people visiting from all over the world is so fascinating to me. I really think that we live in a truly unique time and the melting pot is going to make us all realize that we truly aren’t that different from each other.

I have noticed that I am super happy and fortunate to have such unconditional love, from my family, my mother, my sisters, my loving and wonderful girlfriend, my friends, my coworkers, my manager, even my social media following… I mean just everyone.

There is so much love around if you give love, people reciprocate.

I am grateful for social media, in a world where we can keep in touch with people we haven’t seen. I recently got in contact with my childhood best friend and that would have never happened without social media.

Social media is great for support if you are going after a goal and you want accountability partners. For instance, my Crossfit journey has been supported by other crossfitters I did not know about if it wasn’t for social media. This really motivates me to want to get stronger and be able to support each other because we all know we are going through a similar journey.

The ability to learn from your peers and have takeaways and advice from that experience… For instance, I am going to Chicago at the end of the month and so many people were kind enough to give their recommendations. This power and leverage is so useful and can be used for good.

A big lesson for me is just never taking anything for granted. I went to my first funeral not too long ago and I will never ever take life for granted after that emotional reflection. My friend died before the age of 30 and I am approaching 30 shortly so I know for sure that I will treasure every moment alive. Yes, even when it’s raining, snowing, sleeting etc….

I have noticed that when I say the weather is great, it is all relative. Some people say the weather is horrible whereas I would say, it gives me the contrast and perspective to appreciate the nicer days. If we all had sunny weather days than what would one terrible rainy day do to people that haver never experienced it.

I have realized that people’s moods can be affected greatly by the weather.

My philosophy on life is if you can’t control it… Weather being one of it. Then there is no use wasting so much of your precious energy on things you literally cannot do anything about.

I would say it’s been a really fun journey with you all.

The 5 things I am grateful for daily morning exercises has really set a foundation for me to be authentic, connect with my followers, and really be able to control and set myself up on the right note first thing in the morning.

Let me know what you guys think of my takeaways and if you have any cool daily practices you would like to share.  I am always open to trying new things/ life hacks.

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