What I have learned from using a Fitbit HR with sleep tracker

These are my takeaways from using a Fitbit Alta HR tracker so far. It just recently came out and I have the gunmetal black one which I think looks really cool.

  1. Alcohol greatly impacts the quality of sleep you have in a given night. I have noticed that even with just one drink my REM sleep which is the rapid eye movement portion of my sleep gets impacted significantly and my percentages go down of obtaining quality sleep.
  2. Setting higher goals really does lead to a much higher step count. I set my goals daily to 13,000 steps but some days I will set it to 20,000 steps and I have noticed at night I will push myself to take a stroll around the block or the neighborhood just to reach my 20k step goal. There is power in setting high goals and even if I miss the mark I still hit 18,000 which is much higher than my original normal goal which is much easily obtainable.
  3. The power of community and social. There is a social component to fitbit where you can compete against your friends. My coworker and I get competitive about it sometimes it really does push me to want to be active.
  4. Accountability and encouragement aspect of Fitbit.  It might not the fanciest tool I mean I have seen garmins and other fitness trackers but they all do not even come to close to having the same community as Fitbit. The ability to API with Facebook makes it really powerful and the partnership aspect of Fitbit with Facebook really does build a solid community/foundation for support.
  5. Consistency and really setting a systematic approach/process. It is fine to have one 40k day or a 50k step day like I have but fitbit tracks 7 days of the week so it doesn’t matter if you go really hard for one or two days but the rest of your days suck especially if you get burnt out. The days when I am at the gym 5 days a week and on the weekends making it a priority to get out there those are the days where I am number one out of 100+ people out of my Facebook friends.
  6. City people are much healthier in general and more active compared to the Suburbs. I mean this is a no-brainer, in the city you do not own a car well most people don’t whereas in the suburbs you are traveling everywhere to the grocery, Walmart, shopping etc via your car. Whereas in NYC or any other major city you do not have a choice but you have to carry all of your groceries and everything by yourself with no transportation help.
  7. Social pressure and wanting to fit in. The power of trendsetters and influencers. We as human beings are social creatures so I have noticed when I started talking about my fitbit at work or anywhere everyone was like man I really want to get one now and I was actually able to get a bunch of people to buy fitbits because I am so passionate about what it stands for. The social pressure can be good because I am helping people wanting to improve their lives and be able to get out there and be active instead of watching TV all day which is the easy way out.

Overall, I would say the fitbit is one of the best ROIs out there because I am able track my sleep and be able to have much more self awareness of the quality of sleep I am getting. Just because you are getting 8 hours of sleep does not mean it is good sleep if you were drunk and are not getting the right type of sleep, Deep sleep and REM.


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