What I have learned from picking the brains of the leadership team at Cheetah Digital

I started this interesting project and learned so much from just asking a simple question, If you can boil down what has made you successful in 5 simple concepts what is it?

I have noticed that people often were just being authentic and trying to find themselves. After you realize your strengths really capitalizing on that to grab opportunities.

Not in any particular order, these were some of the answers I have received.

  • Tenacity/work ethic
  • Lack of ego
  • True partnership
  • Empathy
  • Finding the balance between holding your own but still knowing when to compromise
  • Active listening and implementing feedback
  • Preparation/having a plan
  • Having fun in the process
  • Accountability
  • Purpose
  • Likeability
  • Mission focused
  • Getting shit done!
  • Earning trust
  • Big on self-improvement


These are some of the common answers from the top Enterprise sales reps in our Org.

  • Asking well-researched questions
  • Be passionate and excited about our mission
  • Be a team player
  • Going above and beyond what is asked of you
  • Building relationships and then maintaining them
  • Be inquisitive
  • Self actualization
  • Seek mentorship and learn from them
  • Have extremely high hiring standards
  • Just enjoy the little moments in life

I hope you guys got something from this. I know I did. Thank you to everyone who participated. I really got that there is not just one path to success. The quicker you reach self-actualization, the more seamless things will be for you.

Success takes patience, work at times and the ability to implement feedback from leadership but still have your own flair to things.

Thanks for listening. I hope everyone has a happy Holiday season!

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