What I have learned from Noah Kagan’s podcast

Noah Kagan is the founder of AppSumo and was one of Facebook’s earliest employees.

He is extremely funny and a really authentic guy. I definitely learn a lot from his uniqueness and genuine curiosity. He is not afraid of being judged and criticized (perhaps even embracing it) knowing that publicity is publicity. Not a bad thing, actually it is a really intelligent way to get discovered by more people by being interesting and might I say a little weird) 😛

In his podcast, he interviews the CEO and founder of Basecamp- Jason Fried. (His book Rework) is amazing by the way for anyone into wanting to be more efficient and effective. I learned the power of crisp, communication and having a niche. They reject a ton of business because it strays away from their core business model. The SMB software business obviously is extremely profitable given the market share they have for project management software for smaller tech startups.

Mike Posner’s interview was actually surprisingly really profound. He talks about fame and really believing in yourself. Mike is such so passionate about music that he just kept producing and understood the value of marketing and PR. Certain platforms will give you the edge in putting yourself out there to the public. There is so much power in timing as well. Obviously, because of technology is it much easier to get notoriety but also peoples attention spans are shorter so even though it can be easier. Its harder to stay relevant for a long time.

Jesse Itzler is a really cool guy who really understands the value of networking. Surrounding yourself with the world’s best business minds and soaking in the knowledge of extremely innovative creators can really inspire you and can help with collaboration. That is why creating and connecting people together is so important because you just never know what and how many things people can create over the world of one’s lifetime.

His interview with Sam who makes a living through his Financial samurai blog about investments is really interesting as well. I was present to the millions of ways one can create wealth. It’s really about finding what you excel at and being valuable to as many people as possible. Sam through consistency and becoming a financial investment expert has guided millions of people to financial freedom. Adding value is really just a matter of perspective. There are so many ways people are extremely passionate about what they believe in and how much of a difference in the world they are making that I would not necessarily agree with but it’s interesting to see when you hear it. You really start to question your worldviews.

JT McCormick’s story is fascinating as well. Through pure persistence and self-belief. There is an amazing amount that can be created. Self-learning and taking the initiative to ask for mentorship is important as well especially early on. There are people that are just afraid of asking in general because of fear of rejection. But those who sort of have no shame when it comes to showing their vulnerability in asking for feedback and really are able to implement it goes really far. The power of mentorship is crucial for many people who rise to the top.




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