What I have learned from listening to over 1000 Podcast episodes so far.

Once again, thanks for taking the time out of your busy day to read this blog/reflection piece.

It’s interesting because I really think I am addicted to listening to podcasts. I just find it so amazing that we have access to literally anything we want at our fingertips. I would say the main takeaways if I was to boil it down to 10 simple concepts are as follows:

  1. The top performers or people that have made something viral are that they have a different relation to failure or fear then we do. Most people act upon their feelings and what they feel like doing at any particular moment. I have noticed that with Maria Sharapova and Apolo Ohno for example, it’s not that they don’t have any fear but instead of acting upon their fears they have a really large and huge commitment and will honor it no matter what they are feeling at any particular moment.
  2. The high achievers have a strong vision and really large goals. Goal setting is a skill that is often underrated. Goals and creating practices around your goals (don’t forget to set milestones) will help you be much more focused and will help you find your purpose.
  3. They often do not do it alone. People that help each other out realize the power of partnerships and they often surround themselves with complimentary skill sets and hire others based on what they are lacking the most. I definitely think that is why I am so attracted to my girlfriend we are complete opposites in many ways and some of my shortcomings she definitely knows how to support me in and vice versa.
  4.  Your worldview is so different and unique that you can contribute just as much as anyone else can. People’s companies, Google, Facebook, Apple all started off as an idea. Every single experience, book, opera, ballet, or concert you have gone to all started off with an idea. Mediation is a common practice I have found amongst really creative people. I have actually found that only meditating for less than a year I actually started blogging and realized that I do have the power to be creative. I at one point thought that I was the less creative person in the world. (Ask my Sister Jenny). She would tell you this is true.
  5. Listening to something you normally wouldn’t listen to has given me so much back in return. I used to not care about financial podcasts but lately, I have found them to be extremely helpful, practical and really just fascinating. As a result, I am able to change my relationship to money and how I choose to relate to money will obviously play a huge role in my life.
  6. We are all the same, I used to think about how different the world is whether its people internationally, etc. But the more I dive into learning about psychology and after attending 1000+ networking events. I realized that we are all exactly the same.
  7. Your health is so much more important than you realize. People typically worry about it until it becomes a problem. I am sure you all have days where you just feel like crap. Since I started taking more care of my health. I have noticed that I have so much more energy and much more love to share.
  8. Surrounding yourself with people you normally do not spend time with is super crucial in being able to learn more about yourself and the world. Lately, I have been surrounding myself with some of the most innovative people in the world (shout out to Ivy) and my worldviews have shifted significantly.
  9. The power and potential of media and how it affects us all. I used to think social media was primarily used for bad reasons but there is so much good in media, whether it’s raising money for non-profit or to solve world hunger. There is so much power in media that it’s a pretty incredible world we live in.
  10. Lately, just go out there and have fun! People are often so hard on themselves always comparing themselves and others. The moment you let go of comparing yourself. The possibilities are endless.

Let me know what your thoughts are on this. I love getting feedback from you guys.


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