Top Ten Tips for Writing a book

Lessons from figuring out the title of my Memoir

I had a conversation with my writing coach this week, and we agreed that Popular Misfit: Adventures of a People Pleasing Contrarian is a good name for the title of my book. 

These are the lessons I’ve learned from the book writing process for anyone else who is interested in writing a book. 

  1. Block off time in the morning or when you have a lot of free time to yourself to have uninterrupted creativity and flow time. Do whatever it takes to help you get into that state if that looks like working and writing in a different room or doing meditation beforehand. 
  2. Write out the purpose and intention of the book. One of the reasons I’m releasing a memoir is to inspire others to do things they are afraid of. I also want to challenge myself because writing was one of my most significant weaknesses, so I always like to grow, and this is a perfect challenge to help be a clearing for others. 
  3. Make sure you take care of your well-being. When I’m in a reasonable frame of mind by taking care of myself Nutritionally, Physically through CrossFit and meditation, I’m in a much better place to share openly and authentically. 
  4. Create a team, even though writing the book is mostly going to be on you, make sure you have a strong publishing team, copywriting, and other people to support you along the way. 
  5. Share with everyone. I have been telling so many people about the memoir that social accountability helps because we as humans want to make sure we aren’t being a fraud, so the fact that I’ve told so many people motivates me to make it happen so that next time we meet up we have something interesting to talk about. 
  6. I was reading a lot of other books for inspiration. I’ve read so many biographies and memoirs, and of course, that impacted me. Being able to understand the depths of what the human condition is always so fascinating to me. 
  7. Make sure you have a strong support group. Having people support you throughout the process, even if it’s just a friend to complain about, how hard is it to write a book. It helps when you have a group of people going through the same things that you can ask for advice from. 
  8. Having a deadline and milestones. I hate the word deadline, but something in the human mind loves conquering goals. The deadline forces me to get it done, and I can’t procrastinate. 
  9. Start small, I didn’t start by writing a book. I started writing articles on LinkedIn until I got into the habit of writing small things every day. Because all of these atomic habits helped me out that made a huge difference once I started seriously writing a lot more. Now, it’s not as uncomfortable compared to getting feedback when I first started. You realize that you can’t make everyone happy. 
  10. Celebrate yourself. Great job that you’ve made it this far. Life is interesting you never know what you can create. If anyone else wants to start writing a book, reach out to Liz Hill from Green Heart Living Press. She’s been my partner in crime and has been a huge support of mine. I’m grateful for our friendship. 



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