Top ten things learned from Interviewing 8 of Linkedin’s Top Sales Reps

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  1. Be yourself, be authentic. We have strengths and weaknesses. Doubling down on what makes you unique and being comfortable in your own skin is what is going to bring you so much success. There is only one you. 
  2. Never stop learning– top performers are addicted to constant improvement and pushing themselves to be uncomfortable at times. Sometimes that is doing the thing that you hate the most. If you hate picking up the phone and cold calling, that is the thing that is going to separate you, because you will do the hard thing that not everyone wants to do.
  3. Give back– the top performers are always helping everyone else around them. When you have a culture of paying it forward, you have a sense of purpose in life.
  4. Relationships matter– at the end of the day, it’s about impacting the person across the table from you. Working on cultivating relationships that add to your life in many dimensions will help you become a more well rounded professional. 
  5. Prioritize and know what you care about– Too often, we get pulled in multiple directions. People who are clear about what they want to accomplish andtheir why will make the best use out of their time. 
  6. Partnerships– Knowing how to leverage everyone else around you will help you from making those mistakes yourself. Smart people learn from others and not have to learn the hard way multiple times over.
  7. Being Humble- Everyone who I interviewed even though they are a top performer. The act with humility and know that there is so much more. It’s inspiring to see how the best leaders still think they are a beginner. 
  8. Get coaching– the best of the best still needs a coach. When you ask for other opinions, you then get multiple perspectives that can help you alleviate and solve problems much better than doing it on your own. 
  9. Give credit to someone else– Everyone who I spoke to spoke about their mentors and how they learned everything they know from someone else. 
  10. Lastly, have fun and enjoy what you do– There is no point in working if you aren’t laughing, smiling, and making the most out of something that is going to consume the majority of life. 


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