The Wealth Mindset- Understanding the Mental Path to Wealth (Neville Goddard)

These were my favorite passages from Neville Goddard and Tim Grimes

“There’s a definite connection between what is outer and what is inner in man, and it’s always our inner states that attract our outer life. Therefore, the individual must always start with himself.”

“This is where the third fundamental – detachment – enters in. Having discovered that everything is a state of consciousness made visible – and having defined that particular state which we want to make visible – we now set about the task of entering such a state. For we must move psychologically from where we are to where we desire to be.”

“The purpose of practicing detachment is to separate us from our present reactions to life and attach us to our aim in life.”

“Any attempt to change the outer world, before he changes the inner structure of his mind, is to labor in vain. Everything happens by order.”

“For the acceptance of self is the essence of the moral problem of the world. It’s the epitome of a true outlook on life. For it’s the sole cause of everything you observe.”

“So you must first accept that self. When that self is accepted, then you can start to change.”

“It was easier to share with another something that I possess, to take an extra coat and give it to another…but when I know the truth, it’s not that. I start with myself, having discovered the truth, and start with the changing of myself.”

“I’m very proud that I’m a negro.”

“He said, “Neville, it took me almost three years to really overcome that fixed idea that I, by the accident of birth, would be a secondary citizen.”

“Well, in America that’s still a fabulous sum of money. It would be staggering in any other part of the world, but even in fabulous America a man netting a quarter of a million is really up in the very highest of brackets. And that was the same man that a few years ago told me the whole vast world was against him by reason of the accident of birth. He knows now he is what he is by virtue of the state of consciousness with which he’s identified. And the choice is his: to go back to the restrictions of his childhood, when he believed the story, or to continue in the freedom that he has found.”

“Not that it’s true just for this day and age, but if this is the law of being – and in all the dimensions of my being it holds good – if this is eternally true, then let me learn the lesson now, though I wrestle with myself as this man did for three years.”

“It can be measured by the feeling of naturalness. You can wear a feeling until it’s natural. The moment the feeling becomes natural, it’ll begin to bear fruit within your world.”

“I’ll not go along with those who believe that, unless you have certain things to start with, you can’t apply this law. You can start now from scratch and choose the being you want to be.”

“Man is freed or constrained by the state of mind in which he persists. If you wish to persist in your current state, well, then persist in it.”

“And that I nonetheless remain in that assumed state long enough to make it stable, so that all of my energies are flowing from that state. I’m no longer thinking of that state. I’m thinking from that state.”

“And so we sit and we listen as though we heard someone congratulating us on having found what we seek.   We go to the end of the matter and we listen just as though we heard. And we look as though we saw. And we try in this manner to feel ourselves right into the situation of our answered prayer.   And there we wait in silence for a few minutes.”

“To invest is to “layout for a purpose, for which a profit is expected.”   Then I began to analyze”

“You must stop spending your thoughts, your time and your money, for everything in life must be an investment.”

“It advances into my future.”

“Perchance there is someone here who didn’t hear it – Jimmie is a negro, and his problem was that because he was a negro, all the marks and stripes of the world were against him. I tried to convince him it was only in his own mind that these stripes were placed; his acceptance of that as restriction made it restriction, and if he could only drop it by non-acceptance – by complete indifference to the pigment of skin – he could accomplish his every dream by acceptance of it now.”

“Now, here’s a man who is proud of his skin. Jimmie has no prejudices, because that’s spending time he can’t afford to spend. So in harmony with the revelation given to my wife, let us all now stop spending our thoughts, our time, and our money.   For everything in our life must be an investment.”

“So everyone here, take it to heart, and know you don’t need money. To the hundreds of you who said to me in private, “He must have had money,” I now know the story. I didn’t know it when you boldly claimed that he must have had money, but now I have it from the source. Jimmie Fuller only had fifty-four dollars. And the fifty-four dollars were spent coming to my meetings, even when he couldn’t spend a dollar on a sitter. So I tell you he didn’t have it – yet he has it today. But you don’t need even fifty-four dollars. All you need is time and you have it: It’s now.”

“When a man learns the art of thinking from the end, that man is master of his fate. For he defines his end, he formulates an aim in life, and then feels himself right into the situation of that end.”

“When the action of the inner man corresponds to the action the outer man must take in order to appease his desire, he’ll definitely realize his desire. There are two of us; there’s an inner man and an outer man. The outer man is always made to say, “I of myself can do nothing. The Father within me, this inner one, He doeth the work. What I see Him do, I the outer, do also.”



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