The Fellas- Why I created my own Mastermind Group

I was listening to Colin O’Brady who is this amazing role mentor who has accomplished so many incredible feats. 

Colin O’Brady is a world-record-holding explorer and one of the world’s best endurance athletes. Colin is regarded as a foremost expert on mindset and a highly sought after keynote speaker. He isn’t your typical athlete despite his unmatched athletic accomplishments – a world-first solo crossing of Antarctica, a world-first row across Drake Passage, summiting Mt. Everest, and setting three prestigious mountaineering world records – and he has done it all after overcoming a devastating accident to prove that anything is possible.

He was discussing his Mastermind group, where he and 11 other amazing people meet once a month and help support each other. They have been doing this for 12 years. 

It inspired me to create my own with 11 other men who made so much to me. People who are the closest to me from high school to college to people I’ve met at Lewis Howes Summit of Greatness and beyond. How it works s that we meet once a month and every month is a different Fella’s month. The goal is to support that fella as much as possible. He gets an hour to discuss his life story and what’s he is working through at the moment. We stay in touch and update each other on what’s going on. We also write a handwritten note to each other, and each month you get paired up with someone new. It’s been a lot of fun so far to see us grow and how vulnerable we are providing the space. It’s been a really cool and rewarding journey to see myself step up and create all of these amazing groups and projects. One of the most rewarding things for me to is see how this group has helped us grow closer and its’ only just started. There will be an annual reunion where we get together hopefully in person if this COVID thing doesn’t stop us, and it will be awesome to reflect on the year and what we continue to create. 

We have Mike from highschool who is a hilarious joker who has a family man and just purchased his own house. We were so close, and I used to sleep over his house all of the time. His family treated me like their own. 

We have Aditya, who completed his yoga certification in Indian, who coaches Engineers and is into public speaking. We were paired up the first month, and it was almost meeting every week to support each other around stepping into our greatness and being able to practice being authentic through healing certain aspects of our lives. 

We had Nick, who has his own podcast called Autographs, who is such an inspiring guy, and I am paired up with him this month, and it’s been so cool to dig deeper in how we can make our reach more powerful. He’s helped me realize what my purpose is and how I can double down in why I am so passionate about creating communities to fill the voids and challenges I see in life in 2020. 

Spencer, I met at the Summit of greatness- His positive energy, and he was one of the first guys I met at the conference, and we just hit it off. He has a heart of gold and was recently engaged. I’m so happy for his future, and I know he is going to be such a great father.

Will and I met because i cold-called him when I was working at TriNet. We’ve had so many happy hours since, and he is am mentor of mine who has helped me practice my side business and helped me get back into coaching. I get so much out of it, and it’s something that I am happily involved with because Will shares with me his lessons from his own businesses that he has created. He is also very financially savvy and has helped me be able to think differently about my own finances. 

Edwin is one of my best friends, and we met during Landmark this personal development program that has been the single most important program that has transformed my life the most. Edwin is going to be a father soon, and he is one of those people who is changing the world one day at a time. I’m so grateful for our friendship. 

Brandon is one of my favorite human beings- he is so passionate at all that he does and definitely reminds me of myself in terms of work ethic and passion desire. 

Juan lives in Texas, but he is such a kind soul. We met through Ivy the social University and instance connected. My fiancee likes him too, and he is pretty good about knowing who has a good heart. She has high standards, and when she likes someone, that makes he or she is a keeper.

Nick is one of my fraternity brothers from when I was at Rutgers. I was his pledge educator, and he such an ambitious, talented individual. He is a Solutions Architect and has such a bright future. 

Juan David is my friend I met through Streetwise Partners, which is a volunteer thing where I help immigrants with career-related activities such as public speaking, resume building, and professional development. 

I’ve carefully selected these amazing people because I want to build a deeper strong relationship, and I know they all have a lot to add to the world and to each other. I’m excited to see how this continues to transform my life and theirs as well. 




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