The Evolution of Sales and how the pandemic the last few years has drastically changed the world of Prospecting

Check out my podcast episode with AJ Alonzo discussing the evolution of the SDR rep. AJ Alonzo is the Director of Marketing at demandDrive.

He’s responsible for marketing communication efforts growing their social media presence and is a co-host of The UNSUBSCRIBE Podcast. It’s a podcast designed to help Sales Development Reps better prospect, manage their teams, and prepare them for the world of Sales Development. During this episode, we discussed tenacity, grit, resilience, and how the industry of sales development has developed since we started a while back.

These were my top ten takeaways from our conversation.

1. Why they started their own podcast- they didn’t see a lot of content out there for the Sales Development community- Seeing a need and fulfilling on it is how many businesses are started.

2. The advantages of seeing it through vs always leaving for the next best thing.

3. How the SDR mentality can help you in many aspects of life.

4. Work smarter not harder.

5. The evolution of sales and how consumers can research everything before speaking with your company.

6. How successful organizations really understand taking care of their SDRs.

7. How prospecting and building those strong SDR skills can help you excel as a top AE.

8. How personalization has changed because of all of the information we have out there on the internet.

9. How the pandemic has changed prospecting.

10. How being authentic can gets you meetings and help you win deals.

If you want to connect with AJ, you can connect with him below.



If you want to consume via Audio, click here for the Podcast Link.

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